Monday, August 24, 2015


Only went to a couple of sales this past weekend ~ got some FUN STUFF. There definitely seemed to be a 'THEME'  to the majority of the things that came home with us...

(*N.O. I HAVE NOT taken to hoarding CROCHET PATTERNS!!  I have friends who have 'enlisted' me to be a 'PICKER' for them!)
 As for the CROQUET SETS - we are just Suckers for different and unusual ones! this GREAT old (partial) set...
that came in this AMAZING dovetailed box/case!!!


guess what time of the year it is...


Shara said...

That croquet set is amazingly awesome! Love the box and the chippy balls.

Your Japanese Lanterns are so pretty. I hate it that mine never came up and you were SO nice to send me the shoots. Dang it.

Rob and Monica said...

What a great croquet set! We had one growing up and I remember playing them at other people's barbecues when I was a kid. We saw one recently and we almost bought it but it was not quite right. We will find a good one soon!
The Japanese Lanterns look great! (Rob)