Friday, August 14, 2015 far should we go???

SSo.  Went to an auction last week.  Haven't been to one in years!  I DO love auctions... WHEN I have time to kill, and there is good 'people-watching' to be had!!  Not a 'LOT' of my kinda STUFF at this Estate Auction - but all of my other criteria was met. -and of course I didn't come home 'empty-handed'!
I got a STOOL.
A piano stool.
You know- the old-fashioned wood ones, with swivel seat and Ball-n-claw feet?!!
It was Black with years of barn grime and cobwebs, and MANY layers of paint.  The most recent being Turquoise, over White, over red...
WHY I 'needed' this Gem I don't know!
...and now I have SCRUBBED, sanded Loose paint and wire brushed the claws back to metal.  Oh did I mention it's feet are marvelous- EXCEPT one 'ball' is missing?

Here it is in all it's CURRENT glory, and I wonder-  how far should I go with this rehab??
~(1) appreciate it's Chippy goodness, leaving the wood as is, and give the feet a clear coat to prevent further rusting?
~(2) give feet a coat of metallic paint and paint wood body in a 'complementary' color?
  What do YOU think???


Sarah said...

I vote leave it. Every time I like something enough to buy it and then redo it, I end up hating it and should've just left it!

Shara said...

As is. It is a great popular color!

Nogrinnin said...

Leave it! It's perfect as is!

acorn hollow said...

I am with leave it I love it as is! great find