Wednesday, November 12, 2014

...HAEGER tour!

This post is NOT for the faint of heart
...faint of HAEGER Pottery heart that is!

I hope I don't put Anyone on OVERLOAD - but you have been WARNED!!
Over the years I've squealed with joy over random HAEGER finds/gifts, but I have never given you the FULL.HOUSE.tour.
Are you ready?
Here goes...
PLEASE forgive the dust & clutter (but I DO collect a 'few' things other than HAEGER - ha,ha!!)

Entering through our KITCHEN, you will find just a few select Red/Black pieces scattered about (They don't all normally live in the Middle of our countertop - they were gathered here for photo purposes only!)

Through the doorway to the DINING ROOM: Our dining room is done in MCM hand-me-down furnishings, and our china cabinet houses some of my fav's.!

and a built-in corner of the Dining Room 
Throughout, the HAEGER is put to use holding odds-ends.  This area is home to a LOT of Seaglass and Shells!!

 We played around for a l-o-n-g time on the 'best' way to group/display our vast array of Haeger...
Some things we group 'like-shapes' together, but for the most part we are grouping pieces according to glaze / color... but it is ever changing!

A couple of shelves in our 'COMPUTER ROOM'...

This shelf is a bit of  HAEGER, VERA (plates & airplanes) and BENNINGTON - 

Our FRONT HALL is probably 'changed up' most frequently - right now it is home to aqua's in a 'seaside' theme...
VERA linens and HAEGER accent each other quite well!!

Not much of a vignette, but Love the Lady Bug and the Lady!!

 In the TV ROOM:

is our Mauve Agate Collection

...and our Gold Tweed!
Can you find 'TWEED' (Our Elf)??

This room is fondly called THE HAEGER ROOM.  Can you guess why?

Extra Oak house-trim pieces have been used to create Ceiling height shelves around the room!
 Onto the GUEST ROOM: 
Rather 'tucked away', this is home to our plain 'Garden House Variety' of whites...

You have probably noticed throughout, our pension for using multi-plate racks to display HAEGER's Numerous atomic dishes and ashtrays!

 Even the ATTIC STUDIO has it's share of shelves, home to more of our 'less-favored, but can't part with' pieces!

Yes, it is a sickness, this HAEGER LOVE.
When I first started collecting & learning about HAEGER, I picked up ANY piece I found on 'the cheap'.  I've grown away from the simple Garden House designs and don't buy them anymore (well, not as much!)  ~BUT~ still have a diverse love of the variety of glazes and figures... and HAEGER made a LOT!


Cheapchick said...

What a great collection! That is the most Haeger I have seen in one place - ever!

Shara said...

That is awesome! I love that you have so much and that it is everywhere! I never knew there so many colors and glazes and finishes. I love the matte glazes and one color pieces, so I guess I have just never noticed the others if I have seen them. You should get funding as a museum! :D

Linda @ A La Carte said...

This is truly amazing! I adore your collection of Haeger! The colors, the glazes, the shapes...oh my! You really should write a book! Thanks for sharing with us!

Rob and Monica said...

All of these things are so great! You have the greatest Haeger collection ever!!!! We have a few Haeger items (mostly ash trays) and we love them! (Rob)

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

What an amazing collection you have and so well displayed. Thanks for sharing and for visiting:-)

Marci said...

Wow, just wow! What an impressive collection! I love when people decorate their homes with things they love.,thanks,for sharing!