Thursday, November 6, 2014

...Cuisinart SUCKS!

Sorry to interrupt this blog by getting up on my Soapbox.
This post has Nothing to do with 'STUFF', unless you consider the possibility of Losing all of your Treasured Stuff to the hands of the CUISINART / CONAIR Co. and their lack of response to Customer Complaints spanning back FIVE YEARS!!

I must thank my Wonderful reader / commenter 'KIM' for her comment on my last post when I lamented my Woes of 'no coffee'!.  After alerting me to how common the occurrence of smoking / burning units is among the CUISINART brand, I did some research.  I found numerous sites devoted to 'just' the problems we encountered!!
Take a peak at CUISINART SUCKS ! 

Originally when I contacted the Co., and they told me they would replace it, I was a bit hesitant about using the same product again.  The agent (Latasha), reassured me, after checking records, that they had NEVER had this type of problem reported before
After my individual research, I called again, and demanded to talk to a Manager (Lenny) - I firmly expressed my displeasure at my findings and requested a refund - NOT A REPLACEMENT!
"Oh, Miss V...., I ASSURE you we have NEVER had any problems like this before!"
I'm NOT a Happy Camper, have been filling out all of the 'REVIEWS' that I can find, filed a report with the Better Business Bureau ~

All this, and NO COFFEE!
Now I'm trying to research other brands... QUICKLY!!
Any thoughts or recommendations - ANYONE???

And if anyone out there has a CUISINART Coffee Maker - PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!
(Kim - will you please contact me privately with your e-mail address, so we can discuss this further?  You can find our contact info through our ETSY link on the sidebar - THANKS!!)


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Wow! That is scary! Glad you heard the truth. Good Luck!

Shara said...

I would avoid any appliance that smokes. For sure! I hope you get this straightened out FAST. (Surely you are making coffee another way? To get by? I mean I MUST have my morning cup. MUST.)