Monday, November 17, 2014

... from GROSSINGER's to The Concord

Last Saturday, on my way to meet a friend for a day of (GASP!) RETAIL MALL SHOPPING; I made a Quick stop to an Estate Sale.  Well, I am HAPPY to report that the $2 I spent at the Est. Sale is MORE than I spent at 'The Mall'!!  Some people have their penchant for Shiny Brites, some for Redman Baskets, well 'one' of mine is retro Train Cases!
I found this one for a song ($1), and it has ALL of the "bells and whistles" like none I have ever found before!
...pristine interior (complete with mirror intact)
...ORANGE (need I say more?)

 ...ORIGINAL travel tags from '1957'!

...and a VERY Conscientious previous owner, who went so far as to have HER name & address & phone # (see the phone # above and below the rivets?!) ENGRAVED on the latch!!!!

Of course, since I was carrying around this 'convenient shopping basket', I HAD to fill it up with various bits ;-)

(2) soldering irons, TINY pipe cutter - Made in USA, 1920's tin of Solder (For Graphics - NOT for use!!), small pocketknife size set of tools (Spark plug Cleaners?!?!) and (2) metal blocks that I thought would be useful for 'hammering' on.  
LOADS of inspiration to do some Projects - all for $1!!

**Come to find out those 'blocks' are St. Steel ~hmmm~ What would the scrap value be for #9??


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love train cases! This orange one is wonderful!!

Jill said...

How unique to have the name engraved - that makes it extra special!!!

Shara said...

I have the matching two suitcases to go with that train case. Actually, they belong to The Bean. He keeps his Wii games in them.

*WHO likes Redman baskets? Hmmm?

laura sampson said...

oh dear I LOVE train cases and I have a like 18 or so! I keep my Christmas ornaments in them! love them thanks for linking up to Thrifter Share