Friday, November 7, 2014

...BOAT: Now's the time to be Happy and Gay, all your troubles will sail (sale!) away.

What started out as a 'Rainy Friday Morning',

Shortly turned to a 'Snowy Friday Morning' !
(It's really NOT a 'fuzzy' photo - those 'blurrrs' are falling snow!!)

What would you do?
I know you ALL too.well...
You'd do the same thing as me, and hit some 'indoor' Rummage Sales!!

Perfect day for diving in and digging!!

Needlework kits, 'FORTUNE TELLING CAKE CHARMS', bling, carved reindeer and a small canning/jelly jar...

I better get rid of those Cake Charms QUICK, 'cause I absolutely adore them! Each charm represents a WONDERFUL fortune  - ie:
"BOOT: This boot will start things humming, A happy trip is soon forthcoming."
."CLOCK: Don't envy those with a nicer face, you're better off with charm and grace."
(Doesn't the Copper Cat look like 'SPY vs. SPY' from the old MAD MAGAZINE COMIC??!)

 ...Retro Shroom-n-Frog Napkin holder, RED! 'Home-O-Nize' recipe box w/ Cookie Recipes... and THOSE CHARMS!!

LOTS of them.
don't know - guess I'm thinking about 
a L.O.N.G. winter without saling???


Shara said...

No rain here, but the temps are dropping, Maybe even snow next week which is just unheard of this time of year. Crazy weather. Indoor rummage sales are rare around here - looks like you got some great stuff. Those fortune teller charms are great - you really need to keep those! So you bake them in the cake? That sounds dangerous and wrong, but well, do you? Hoping to find some goodies tomorrow at a few sales and the SCT. Hope you do too!

laura sampson said...

NO SNOW IN ALASKA! lol and I guess I need to also say, you call that snow??? ;P just kidding! I love to spend inclement weather tucked in and thrifting too.