Tuesday, November 25, 2014

...getting my Holiday shopping groove on!

I've had T.W.O. Glorious days of Holiday shopping, and T.W.O. additional of Holiday Handcrafting...
and I think I've just about 'wrapped it up'!  
(*DISCLAIMER: the literal wrapping has yet to be done!!)
Now, I'm sure you're scratching your head, wondering WHY? / HOW? could this person possibly enjoy this process so?
Allow me to explain...
Other than (3) larger, 'high-tech' gifts that HAD to be 'BIG BOX' bought, the rest of my 'gifties' are for people with whom we have an "agreement" that the 'stocking stuffers' (aren't those always The.Best.?) we exchange are either thrifted or crafted!
This weekend our house looked like HURRICANE CENTRAL!
SATURDAY was 'Candy Making' day!
Mostly gifts for my Dad's stocking ~ Black Walnut Brittle, Black Walnut Fudge, Spiced Black Walnuts, ...
Can you guess that my Dad likes Black Walnuts?? - and he keeps me supplied in them ~ one of his Winter hobbies is cracking them by hand!!

SUNDAY was Studio Groovin' day!

This is our kitchen counter...
  The jar on the right is full of bulk Flax (yes. I'm old. Don't judge me.), with a measuring spoon that has come to live it's life perched on top...

This was my vision for it:
Quite a simple process of wire-wrapping...

and beading!

This was about the ONLY project of the day that turned out as planned though.  I can't share the details of the others, as some of the recipients drop in on this blog occasionally!!

FRIDAY and MONDAY were Shopping days!
Found LOTS of goodies - MOST of which I also cannot share here!
Of course, I did pick up a few things not 'on my list'
(Christmas List, that is!!)

(Pampered Chef Cookie Press, New Dansko shoes, vintage aluminum measuring spoons, Oneida & Ikea flatware)

(Set of Xmas JAPAN stacking mugs, Swedish- ?Iron Stand?, Dallas Cowboys / Taz Ornament, Snowman Candy Holder, Am Girls Cookbook, and a Skeleton Doll - **WHICH WE HAVE NOW IDENTIFIED AS 'LALALOOPSY'? WHO KNEW!!)
A few crafting goodies for ME!
(**Had NEVER heard of 'Kendall' towels before!!  'Kendall' is the name of the tiny town I grew up in.  Not 'the same' location as the towel origin, but still cool!)
 Would any shopping be complete without...
(VERA Scarves 2014 #8 and #9 - .25¢ each!!)
Sweater Clip 2014 #7 - $1.)
Of course, by now you all know the Thrifts are near 'my' seaglass beach, so I HAD to stop...
(AFTER I had picked up my FREE 2-scoop Birthday Sundae from Friendly's - as a 'to-go' to eat at the beach!!)
The STRONG Southerly winds overnite had melted the snow and washed in some 'stellar' finds!!  Could have watched the waves carry in treasures for hours, but the rains came!  
 Oh well, don't mind the rain so much when it gives me this to look at my ENTIRE ride home (45min.)!!

Now it's time to clean up 'The. Mess.'!
 'Round one' of stocking stuffer exchanges is THIS SATURDAY!!
Then, the decorating begins...



Shara said...

That rainbow is amazing! You are lucky to have studio area - I use the kitchen counter and the living room floor. It takes me longer to drag junk out and put it up than it does to do my actual crafting. Looks like you have found lots of goodies and even more since we can't see them all! I stopped at a couple thrifts yesterday in a different town (after getting my flu shot - Oowie). Left empty handed at one and bought a set of vintage Christmas curtains at the other. Spotted a rack chock full of vintage tablecloths and thought I might just pee myself. Then I saw they were all $8.00 EACH. Hell to the no. Happy Turkey day and happy cake day to YOU!

Cheapchick said...

Great finds. I am 1/2 way thru decorating, started yesterday, will finish tonight except for exterior lights. Partway thru shopping. I don't craft but do bake, we will do that mid December though. Going to make sugar cookies, pistachio Spritz cookies (using vintage Spritz machine mom gave me from the 1960s) and some kind of candy, maybe fudge. Cheers!