Tuesday, December 30, 2014

...loose ends (Part II - Haeger #4149)

Recently (if you can consider a MONTH 'recent'!) I had a question posed to me regarding a piece of Royal Haeger pottery..  "bought it at a Flea Market around 10 years ago.  It is shape 4149... Green Glaze... Any idea on age?"

Well, I DEFINITELY am NOT an Expert - but will take any excuse to look thru some glossy photos in my Library!!
Here is the Lovely piece in question:

...and here is the 4149 sticker and bottom stamp...

The earliest sightings I found for piece 4149 is from EARLY 70's Catalog pages (per David P. Dilley's book).  It reappeared throughout the 70's in various glazes. 
Below it is shown in the FRENCH WHITE 

...and here is my personal piece shown in PEASANT GOLD:
As for the glaze - it is SO hard to tell from a photo.  My first thought was 'CHARTREUSE' - but that glaze has more of a tendancy to be on 1950's Era Pieces,
~So off to ED BLAS' 2004 book of Haeger Glazes~

?Maybe one of the Royal Garden Flower-ware greens?

As for the Value - I'm sure there are many that would disagree  with me on this point...  I don't ever foresee HAEGER being worth 'a fortune', and it's value is only what someone will pay for it.  I don't look at any of our pieces of HAEGER as being investments - I just buy what I like, and enjoy living with!
(NOTE: in Ed Blas' 2004 book he listed the 4149 in the Peasant Gold glaze as being in 'ample supply' and a 'Perfect' piece would be $50.00)

Any other HAEGER 'addicts' out there that want to chime in with any info - would love to hear from you!!!

SORRY this took me soooo long TM!!!

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