Thursday, December 4, 2014

...Seagulls or DOVES??

Last Saturday was our 'stockings' w/ my Mom & Dad!
'Santa' was VERY Good to me...
...purse ashtray, Diamond Match Co match holder and a Souvenir metal change holder (kinda weird that it just happened to be a Missouri...)
a Double "Tri-fecta"+ !!

2 Haegers (2014 #3 & #4)

SIX (6!) Sweater Clips (2014 #8, 9, 10, 11, 12, & 13)

and Two (2!) VERA (2014 #10 & #11)
 Not much along the lines of 'saling' lately, but I did find this plastic 'Baby Spinach' container of goodies at the thrift the other day for $1.  I didn't open it to examine things closely until I got home - I saw PURPLE and that was all I needed to 'make it mine'.
Imagine my giddiness when I uncovered
A mid-century Tree Topper!
Aluminum reflectors (one is even aqua) !
'Fish-scale' ornaments in pink & blue!
an older Humpty Dumpty!!

At the same stop I found this GREAT VERA!!  J saw it and stated 'SEAGULLS.'  I tried to explain to him that since it was found in December, they MUST be 'DOVES'.  I don't think he bought it.
Either way I Love finding unusual VERA graphics, and I had never seen this one before.
VERA 2014 #12 (.25¢)

 As for decorating...
We did manage to get our Four major garlands w/ ornaments up before the stocking exchange (HAD to have things a 'bit' festive!)...

Since then, I have been rummaging through my hoardes and came across 'the box'.  For the 11mo. during the year that the Xmas deco's aren't on display, I have 'this box'.  When I'm out saling and find some 'Xmas Goodies' for ME, rather than pulling out the LARGE Totes and putting them in their proper homes, I just stash them away in 'the box'.  Come December, when all the other decorations come out, I unpack 'the box' and incorporate it with my other treasures!!

OH! I had forgotten about the whole slew of 'fish scale' ornies I had found this summer!! (I know 'fish scale' is a horrible way to describe them, and they are probably supposed to mimic 'pine cones' - but when I see the aquas, all I can think of is a Mermaid's tail!!  ...and I Love Mermaids!)

LOTS of orange~pink~purple additions for a Dining Room Aluminum tree
vintage light bulbs!
tree huggers!
bottle brush trees!

...and that was just the First Layer of 'the box' !
How do YOU do it - put your 'new' decorations away immediately, or accumulate and stash???

Now me and 'A' (of cookie baking Crew fame) are going AWOL for the weekend - doing a Holiday roadtrip, ending it with a DayTrip to New York City!!
**Knowing that 'svelteSTUFF' is in the heart of the state of NY, you probably think this trip to NYC is a common occurance, but it is only A's 2nd visit, and my fourth!!!

Catch you on the flip side!
Stay safe and BE HAPPY!!


Sarah said...

I also just pile the new stuff in a box. Or boxes. Many boxes if it's a good year! :-)

Shara said...

I have a big basket where the new stuff goes. It's always fun to work it all in! Have a fun trip! Post pics on IG!

ROBBIN (with 2 b's) said...

I love all your old decorations. They make me smile :)
I can't believe you are going to be so close to me, wishing we could meet up!

acorn hollow said...

good stocking and great finds. I stash and then am amazed at all the good stuff I found:)

thanks for the visit, I am a Maine girl from the start I just married a N H boy and well the rest is history. So yes Wicked is in my vocabulary.