Tuesday, December 16, 2014

When last I blogged, I was preparing for a weekend away and had just uncovered a 'treasure box' of previous Xmas Saling finds, which I decided I would add to my Garlands before departing...

Well, you know the proverbial saying 'The straw that broke the Camels back'??
An 8' garland of over 75 vintage GLASS ornies broke free on one end, came crashing down, swung across a nine foot opening, and crashed into the other door jam...
GOOD NEWS: The stock value of vintage ornaments has gone up - so keep up YOUR HOARDING!!
**I did luck out and 'only' 15 got broken...

The roadtrip was Wonderful.  Day trip to NYC was soggy and wet - but luckily NO PROTESTORS were seen anywhere (and we WALKED that City!! - Pedometer read 12.3 miles at the end of the day!)

Back home for 2 days to 'repack' bag and 'rehang' Xmas decorations...
Then off to the Annual COOKIE BAKING w/ the College Crew!

We had our 'stocking gift' exchange...
2014 HAEGER #6, 7, 8 & 9
The girls just.can't.resist buying HAEGER, though I've told them repeatedly 'NO!'...  the blue is a pretty sweet piece though ;-)

VERA 2014 #12
a NEW VERA (my first of the re-make's!)

My first day at Cookie Baking, J sent me a text
It was my Vintage Xmas Swap (sponsored by Shara of MONKEYBOX fame) from my Lovely swap partner T (who MUST start a Blog for her current Life Chapter!!)
Do you know what it is like to have to wait THREE.entire.days before you can even think about opening a Swap Package?!!?
It was WELL worth the wait!

T. went above and beyond the 'shoe box'...

Spoiling me rotten with lovely RHINESTONE and PEARL sweater clips
(2014 Sweater Clips #14 & #15)

A beautiful SET of VERA napkins!
(2014 VERA #13)

MORE goodness...

...AND...     More FUN!!


(and I will try to do more research on YOUR Haeger - SOON!!)

So, after being AWOL for so long, it was decided some MALL Xmas shopping was in my cards. :-/
But, alas, I got SERIOUSLY sidetracked by a store closing in our local mall - and a Large amount of Store Fixtures were for sale (Yes, J & I are serious suckers for old store displays!)

OF COURSE, we ONLY came home with 'completely' NEEDED Stuff (ha,ha)..

Large (20"+) advertising numbers, and 'backdrop' photo screens (each is double sided, 9' x 4')
 ...'Time for school' (see Haeger photo)
...'Brick Wall'
...'Variegated Maroon'
... 'Beach'
OH, I can see some serious FUN photo booth shots at our next house party !!

(MORE sweet goodness from T)
Now, I must go add my latest 'green ornie' to our Dining Tree - if all goes well (keep your fingers crossed!) I will show some finished Xmas deco photos SOON!!
(...and I must 'find' Tweed, he has been missing in action...)


Cheapchick said...

So sorry to hear about your lost ornaments - but - there will always be more at some future garage sale so it gives you a fantastic reason to keep buying them. Love the Poppy napkins and Christmas goodies from your swap.

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! Jack was vacuuming near the Christmas tree and somehow he sucked one into the vacuum! I ran across the room shrieking. I can only imagine if the garland thing had happened to me. :/

Shara said...

Oh, that garland made my heart sink into my chest. I am so sorry! Now you can go hunting for more???? Your swap box looks like a good one for you - I am SO HAPPY!

Those giant numbers are fantastic. I bought a bunch of stuff when our JCPenney's moved a long time ago. I sold it all at a garage sale. I can't even THINK bout that now - I sold some good stuff!!!!!


Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

The ornaments! Noooooooooooo