Monday, August 26, 2013

...the WOG of it all.

Wednesday was a picture perfect day!

I ventured out on a solo roadtrip to meet up with some old friends for an evening of play at a place that I've heard about for Y.E.A.R.S.!!

In preparation for this evening, I had played around with seaglass and worked on my wire wrapping techniques to form each of us 'girls' (old ladies?- no, I'm sticking with Girls!!) a token pendant necklace for the evening..
This was a BIG evening after all!
~No, we didn't pay those OUTRAGEOUS $$ to spend the night, we just went for band & pizza & wine
~YES, I would Definitely recommend it!
~In case you were wondering, those pendants were supposed to be Pollywogs, or WOGS as we so affectionately referred to them!
Thursday morning was another beautiful day for a roadtrip back home,  enhanced by the chance encounter of a couple of 'early-weekend' garage sales!!

...and a little concrete FROG for our garden.  Is that the perfect ending
to a WOG trip, or what?!

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