Thursday, August 1, 2013


July sunrise on the coast of Maine
If 'everyone' can celebrate 'Christmas in July', then I guess by default that would make August 1, 'New Years Day in August' ~ right?

THANKS LINDA for saving me a 'few' .10¢ ornies on
the Route 90 Sale last weekend!!

 July was kind of CRAZY - just like 'Xmas' tends to get - so many sales, and festivals and shows to fit into so few warm, sunny, delicious days!!
SWEATER CLIPS 2013 #8 (.99¢), #9 (.25¢), #10 (.50¢), #11 ($1)

curb picked on 'Trash Eve' from a Seaside "cottage"
in NH (we were dressed to go out for a Nice dinner,
and J didn't even bat an eye when I yelled for him
to STOP! and he had to do a U-Turn to find a safe
pull-off spot ....true love <3 p="">
I have!  He is in Perfect
condition B-)

Probably the Best TEN CENTS I have spent all Summer.  Hysterical book.
1950's.  Warped humor.  They put captions to classics.
I'll share in upcoming posts!

July led us 'over the river and through the woods' too... from seaside, to lakes to cities ~ journey's far and wide!

AND...New additions to our svelteSTUFF family!!

(if you're wondering about the Berry Basket...  at a couple of days old we found one of the baby Cardinals on the ground. I picked him up and put him back in his nest.  Next day the nest was upside down and Both babies were on the ground - J put the original nest back up and we put Both babies back in.  This kept continuing.  It got to the point that M/D cardinal would come to our back porch with their distress call for us to go put their babies back in the nest... something had to be done - NEW BERRY BASKET NEST!!  Lusch Condo with room to grow...  Amazing how quick they grow - just 4 days after this photo we got to watch them fly out of 'THE NEST')
Now, for some 'renewed' New Year's resolutions, a bit of purging (I can't bring all of this stuff into our house without letting a bit go!!).  Hmmm... maybe this is what all years need - TWO fresh starts!


Shara said...

What a score on the Holt Howard! I never see Holt Howard things - damaged, perfect, nothing.

And a croquet set in the TRASH? What are people thinking???? Excellent find. I was just looking at a blog that used the mallets for candlesticks.

Gosh, Valentine's day is just around the corner.......:D

Rob and Monica said...

Looks like you had a GREAT July! The sunset is so beautiful and the new birds are so sweet! We have that Holt Howard mustard jar and an Olive and Catsup one too. None are as perfect as yours though. We saw one of these in an ad for an estate sale recently but it was gone by the time we got there. Great find, svelteSTUFF! (Rob)

Lizzie said...

What a deal on the Holt Howard. I never, ever find it, especially at such a price.

acorn hollow said...

wow oh wow amazing finds and great bird story I guess I need to look at it like a new year if it was a fiscal year it would be the new year. I need to purge and clean just never seem to get the steam up to do it.