Friday, August 9, 2013 DayTrippin'

Started off the new week of the 'New Year' with a Girl's Day-Trippin' adventure!   (Picked a local town/city that we had been wanting to explore more 'in-depth'... and did it!)
good sign.  First 'Angel Trumpet' blossomed in our garden on the eve of our journey...

R (my comrade in travel) is stamper / cardmaker extraordinaire!  I got lots of inspiration from her patient explanations of techniques as we visited every little boutique and shop that piqued our interest! 

Fun Garden nooks!

Primitive Local Art!

A beautiful, eclectic day.
...and at the ripe old age of almost 46, it's nice to know that I can still have 'FIRSTS'  ;-)
I got my first parking ticket.
 After that FULL day of inspiration (and a bit of purging, as I did sell some clothing to a second hand shop!!) I was ready to hit the 'attic studio' for some creative work...

~apparently the planets aren't quite aligned-just yet~

Craziness with 'real-world-work' sent
 me to my favorite beach for solace,
where I ended up scoring some
 beautiful specimens!!
Another day I joined my Parents who are camping in our part of the state, for a day of 'flea marketing'!  Dad had brought me an old metal spool (from his shop at home) filled with some copper wire - he thought I might be able to use it in my jewelry endeavors.  While saling I also found a vintage cast iron based 'solder clamp' which had been on my 'wishlist' for quite a while ($2).  The box of solder and the spool of Brass wire were also flea market finds that set me back a whopping $1.50!
If you are wondering,
That is an arm.
just. an. arm.

It was a present from my Brother, (that my parents had delivered to me from him). He knew I was looking for one...(photo prop!!).   Now, it just makes me smile because EVERYTIME I look at it I have an 80's flashback, as this song goes through my head
"Let's hear it for the boy
Let's give the boy a hand
Let's hear it for my baby
You know you gotta understand"

Can you name that Movie/Song??
(can you get it out of your head now?)
Planets MUST be aligned now... right?
  Not quite. 

Meeting up with A (part of the college crew) for a girls' this afternoon! 
Then maybe!
...or maybe not.

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Shara said...

I gotta cut loose....Footloose.....

It's amazing to me that you found things that you can use and that you need for your jewelry making. Awesome! I was that age when I got my first ticket too. Booooooo!

Your brohter is great for lending you and arm. :D When we got married, they put a set of plastic leg from a mannequin on top of our car. I've always wondered what happened to those. I could use them!