Tuesday, August 27, 2013

...NO other choice!

All signs led to Garage Sales on Friday, so what was I to do?
When this happens,
Is there any other choice??

Yes, yet another set of my favorites - vintage aluminum measuring cups, with the added bonus of a small sifter! (all for a whopping .50¢)
A set of TALL 'V' glasses which "PERFECTLY" match four highball glasses (one shown to right) we inherited from J's great granparents (.25¢ea - gotta Love that!)
an 'on-going' theme to the day seemed to be 'STAMPIN'.
NO! I'm not getting into STAMPING.
(YES. I did buy a couple of the punches for my own use -they are good for other forms of crafting and making tags!!)
The prices were 'right' on ALL of these items though, and I thought they would be good to try for resale or else I have friends that would appreciate them ;-)

Bag of wooden spools...


New Gallon of Citronella, Train Case ($1.), 2 Soldering Irons (future stocking stuffer's for Dad - .25¢ea!!), Galv. Bucket (Only $1 - but I 'HAD' to take the bird feeders and all of the garden tools with it!).  Oh, and the 'White Thing' - ?? - Part of an old weather vane? Road Runner? Pilated Wood Pecker? It was .10¢ and it was 'fun'...
It has been a LONG time since I have had a SALING FIX this good, but it just leaves me jonesing for the next!!




Shara said...

When you gotta go, you gotta go. Good finds. I have my eyes peeled for a bag of wooden spools. I have a project in ind, but NO TIME for it. So, I figure if they appear at a sale, it will be a sign that I should do it. Does that make sense?

Those glasses - well, you were just MEANT to find them! Great!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I agree, no other choice! You had to yard sale! I'm just so glad you found some really awesome items!!!


Wendy said...

So many great finds!!! I love the wooden spools!