Wednesday, November 7, 2012

...XXXmas free zone?

Recently, while browsing through my 'usual blog-reads' I realized that it was like a switch had been flipped and things had gone from Halloween directly ALL CHRISTMAS with no thought what-so-ever to that little month in between
November.  Thanksgiving.  My Birthday.  The end of Autumn.
Not a month to be taken lightly in MY book.  So, I decided that I would make svelteSTUFF an XMAS free zone until 11-27-12! (well, aside from what might appear in the ETSY photo in the side bar...).  BUT, then it happened!

I stopped by a local thrift in search of some PURPLE (or Fall colored) ornaments for a project I have brewing...   WHAT should I find all mashed up flat down in the depths?!?  Oh, it's NOT MY TASTE by any means - but I KNOW that there are a LOT of Pink Tree lovers out there ~ (YOU know who you are ;-)   ,  So I figured I should grab it quick (and if it isn't good for resale I've got a sister-inlaw that I will score SERIOUS brownie points with!! - so one way or another, this THING is Out of MY house!)
Well, anyways, just has to share the PINK, FOO-FOO tree as a parting farewell to XMAS... until we rejoin our regularly scheduled program!!
(OH, and to add insult to injury - I got home and plugged it in - it is a FIBER OPTIC tree none-the-less! 


Barbara said...

Hey, I saw that tree in its sad, stuffed-on-the-shelf state ... glad it found a home (however briefly) with you!

Shara said...

Get that thing out of your house immediately! I like vintage aluminum trees, but barbie anything is just pure GAH in my book. Hopefully it,will make someone happy though. Now, back to the Christmas free zone.......HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH!

✿Carol✿ said...

I don't know why, but this year I CANNOT wait to start the Christmas festivities! You were smart to snatch up that tree in all of it's pink lusciousness. Some little or big girl is going to love it!

Vintage Christine said...

What do you want for it and how much would it cost to ship? It would look amazing in my office where I have ALL MY BARBIES displayed!