Friday, November 16, 2012

...less than a week away...

Just completed and delivered a 'Fall-Wine' wreath as a 'THANK~You' to one of my major BARTENDING contributors to my cork sweater clip display board. 

Does anybody else find that these darn things are addicting to make?
...and of course shopping for the 'materials' is half the fun!!

I was doing a Serious Happy Dance when I found this little number ... HAEGER 2012 #4 .50¢ - but what makes it SO special and unique is on the other side - and in keeping with The Month, I can't show you until 11-28!

I can show you the beach glass that J & I picked up this past weekend during the Indian Summer weather...

...and I can show you this Great copper/bronze pin that I picked up yesterday for .50¢

and look what else I found yesterday!!
Well, this is actually an 'AFTER' shot,
I found one of those clear, glass lamp bases that I have long been stalking... and I knew JUST what I wanted to do with it!!

What I didn't realize is that one of these lamps can hold almost a lifetime of glass!!!  Good excuse to hit the beach!


Lynn said...

That wreath looks awesome! I haven't made any yet but am going to have to try it. The rest of your finds look great, too! For sure I will check back to see what's on the planter LOL!

Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

Gorgeous wreath! The flocked grapes are a really pretty touch. I think those wreaths are totally addictive too!

Shara said...

I love the lamp full of seaglass. Your wreath is great too. Can't wait to see the pottery...HBD to YOU!!!!

Amanda said...

I love, love, love sea glass! Hold on to it... I hear it's becoming real hard to find what with everything being made of plastic these days. I especially love the baby blue pieces.

grunge-queen said...

The wreath is beautiful. Wish I were that crafty! And the lamp is so awesome, very beachy chic.