Saturday, November 10, 2012

...of Foam ...and Fabric!

A few photos to get you in the ELEVENTH month frame of mind!

Not an ABUNDANCE of Thanksgiving Decorating has taken place around the 'Chateau',   as my 'hoardes' are rather limited for this occasion!
Yes, I'll give you all a minute, as I'm sure you have all fainted at the thought that MY 'hoardes' were lacking in ANY department!!

I guess that it is one Holiday that has always slid in/slid out so quickly, that it is hard to go Over-the-Top about!

I did have an old work buddy and her new baby coming to visit on Thursday though, so I figured if decorating was going to happen, it should be N.O.W.!!!

Is it just me, or after company has left... does anybody else out there feel at a loss?  The house is clean.  The fridge is stocked.  Baking done.  ...and here I sit.   Ten a.m.   By myself. 

Decide that I can look at the Summer 'Garbage Picked' Costco step-stool in the 'someday' cueing line on the back porch NO LONGER (after all, Winter Snow will be here SOON)!!

It had GREAT bones, just needed cleaning (somebody had used it for a LOT of painting!!), some tightening of it's bolts, polishing of the chrome, and, OH what to do with the seat?!!

While I had A.L.L. the stuff out... there were these two stools that we had bought while out saling s-e-v-e-r-a-l years ago... (and I quote) "Oh, those will be easy to recover!"
I always forget, it isn't a 'difficulty' thing, it's a 'motivation' thing!!
(we have been using these inside - they have NOT been on the back porch!!)

Off to the Attic studio to dig out those two big boxes of fabric that I had been packratting away...
(You know I much prefer being called a 'Packrat' to a 'Hoarder'..., don't really know why,  just sayin'...)

Foam - check!  I picked out six fabrics that would be do-able and gave J the final picks during his lunch break.
Fabric - check!

Ta ~ Da !

This isn't the prettiest...
 yeh, it is better ~ that much is definitely true.
It is The.Comfiest.Evah!!
The Best part?


sweaterclip 2012 #20 .50¢
Most BORING clip award for 2012.  I'm thinking it may become the base for a



Shara said...

Your chairs all look great! You did a good job. I have been hoarding a bunch of old white frames that have been in the way forever. This week, I finally hung them up one inside the other in a row and now they are out of the way and they look good. The HUSBAND even noticed them. He's been known to not notice the Christmas tree is up. :) Anyway, it's nice to finish up a project!

Vintage Christine said...

My garage is full of projects, most of them meant for my husband who is never too thrilled when I drag home another one. Especially when it's a big piece of furniture to refinish, something I should do but hey, what are husbands for anyway (lol). I think your decorating is great--I haven't done diddlysquat at the house but my room at the antique mall is over-the-top Fall! And "packrat" is a cute term--"hoarder" is now an official disease thanks to reality TV.