Tuesday, November 13, 2012

...Tiffany, Lucky and MINARDI??

Friday, a friend offered me the rare chance visit a local factory that produces high-end hair care products.  Since they are an employee, they were able to get me into their 'seconds' area, where a tote-FULL can be purchased for $5.

Let me give you some background info here so that you can fully appreciate this whole scenario...  (I'm NOT bragging, mind you, I'm just REALLY LUCKY!! and it's a good thing, because I'm REALLY LAZY when it comes to my hair!) *My hair tends to be on the long side (around shoulder to mid-back length) - short hair would require more than an annual or semi-annual trim to maintain a 'style', plus I wouldn't be able to just pull it back into a pony-tail or braid it on mornings when I was running late!  *Being almost 45 and of natural light-streaked hair I have never colored (okay, in the 80's I did do a neon orange thing with my rat tail, but we don't have to go there!) or highlighted my hair - and have only found (and promptly pulled!) one Grey.  *Through friends I found this Great Lady who cuts hair out of a salon in her house for.....  $5 !!!
Getting the picture??

So, that is me.  J is 'hair-challenged'... need I say more?  Yet, he is pickier (sp? word?) about his shampoo than I am!  My main splurge is on 'Leave in conditioners'.  SO - I filled a bag with each 8-) !!  There were names there that I had never heard of (Ion? Joico? Kpak?), but an aisle over was a Factory Sales Rep doing their thing for a 'potential customer', so I eavesdropped, and learned more about hair products than I EVER needed to know!!!
I DID make sure to go find some of these MINARDI line that they were talking about ;-)

The next morning after I got out of the shower, with all of the NEW hair care smells in the air, I put on my LUCKY jeans that I got this summer at the Maine outlets, and the TIFFANY bracelets that I have been picking up while saleing.  I took a look in the mirror, and I almost wasn't sure who that girl was looking back at me.  Time for reflections and housekeeping of a different sort - maybe time for a little 'soul keeping'... perhaps.  All I know is that  one song kept going through my head...

You may find yourself in another part of the world
You may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile
You may find yourself in a beautiful house with a beautiful wife
You may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?

Can any of you name or relate to that song?


Shara said...

Of course, I know! Same as it ever was..same as it ever was......

Isn't it nice to have expensive things without the expensive price? I have a couple high dollar purses, but I am afraid to use them thinking someone will steal them. Wouldn't care about the purse, just the STUFF inside.....

PS Let's not even discuss gray hair......:(

Anonymous said...

oh Shara already got it! I loved that Talking Heads album (yes, I had the album!).
Awesome score on hair products!
I have that same enamal turkey platter from the previous post. It was our family platter. I keep it on display from Thanksgiving through till Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Once in a Lifetime! Love anything David Byrne/Talking Heads...and your blog!