Sunday, November 25, 2012

...wrap-up on 'THE' stockings!

Tweed, with his infamous love of 50's 'bling', has reminded me that I have yet to post on A.L.L. of the goodied that I got on BLACK FRIDAY!!
No, we didn't go anywhere near the malls, or retail in general!!  It was our annual stocking exchange. Just Mom, Dad, J & I.  The restrictions on our stockings are 'second-hand' or 'home-made', and none of my siblings have any kind of appreciation for Mom, Dad and mine's love of 'saling' ~ so this is just 'our' special exchange (J goes along with it good-naturedly).

M/D don't get out to many sales any more, but 'somehow' Mom still manages to come through on My stocking!!  Sooooo much goodness, I'm only going to show the SWEATER CLIPS today!


SWEATER CLIPS 2012 #21 - #26
Sweet Rhinestone at the top.
Pendant in the middle is a NYC souvenir with the Statue of Liberty.

SWEATER CLIPS 2012 #27 - 30

There was another little bag with a note on the outside 'NEED HELP'.  Mom would find sweater clips that were less~than~perfect and pick them up, thinking I could use the parts to repair others.  How right she was!  From those 'parts', and other 'parts' I've picked up along the way I was able to complete these FIVE clips by replacing chains, adding beads, etc...

SWEATER CLIPS 2012 #31- 35 

For all you other sweater clip afficionados out there (ha, ha) - I have others of these in my collection, but have had no luck in researching.... WHY THE THIRD CLIP IN THE CENTER???

While visiting Mom & Dad, I was also given an early Birthday present... the PIÈCE DE RÉSISTANCE....


SWEATER CLIP 2012 #36 from Mom & Dad


Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

So what does this bring your total collection number up to? Holy smokes!

On the 3 clip version--was the middle clip to hang your glasses?

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love your collection of sweater clips! I use to have some when I was a girl. I sure wish I could find a good one now! Thanks for sharing! Hugs,Linda

Coll said...

Maybe the center clip is for a napkin???? :)

acorn hollow said...

Happy birthday! We do the same thing but on Christmas my daughter and her husband with David and I swap stocking and they have to be thrifted or free.
It is amazing what one finds in a year.
I love your collection could it be a button cover? the third clip.