Thursday, July 26, 2012


Pottery 'fish' recently captured while saling for .10¢!!
It is a HAPPY DAY when you F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. find that pair of jeans....
 ...That makes you want to purge the rest of your closet!!

My latest infatuations are my LUCKY 'ZOEs'!!  Yes, they were purchased 'NEW!' (relax, it was an 'outlet' store, but that still counts in my book as a 'real store'!!)

They are just about The.Best.Things.Ever.  ...Almost makes this heat loving girl want the cold weather to arrive, just so that I can wear them...  ...almost...

Truth be told, I DID purge #44 of obsolete excess clothing from my closet before adding my Beloved Zoes!!  Somehow, everything just seemed so ratty and dated, I just didn't even want to look at it anymore!  (J offered to buy me another pair if I would keep up 'The Purge'!!)

Because I KNOW you are all curious as to the progress,  I am receiving 'baggies-o-corks' on a daily basis...  I think that the Grand total is around 408 these days...

In 'STUFFING NEWS'... things have been rather sparse!  Have found a few items, but they have mostly been in the FREE PILES!  Does this say something about me, that I prefer the items that other people see as trash?!?  These are a couple of my recent 'grabs' (yes I DID purchase items from these people too!!).  What do you think??

I can use old 5cent envelopes as my mailing labels on packages - they were tossing out almost $4. worth of postage!

How cute is this old Tin Litho water color paint box with almost all of the paints still in it?!?

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Shara said...

I am so looking forward to jean/hoodie weather. Yesterday it rained and I was able to wear Capri's and that was pretty excited. Until I wrecked the car, that is. Oh well.

Nice freebie finds and that fish is cool too.