Tuesday, July 3, 2012

...don't get your beads in a tangle!

THE 'infamous' Porch Chandelier has been transformed and is now in place.  J, once the 'nay-sayer' has even been converter to the 'I-have-to-admit...that's-not-so-badder'.  Excuse MY bad photography, but I HAD to try to capture the feel of the light in the early morning hours - that and twilight are my favorite times on the Summer-time porch.  OH heck, We L.O.V.E. being on the Summer-time porch ANY TIME!!!

While we were out on the porch hanging the chandelier on the West end, the East end felt a 'bit' shabby and neglected, so I did a bit of rearranging - after all it has been like this for a whole month and a half now!
This left room for some M.O.R.E. vintage Beads (curtains) ~ YEH!!   I don't think that I have ever shown them here before.  We currently have 2 sets that we put into use annually on the porch above the railings, but I have (cough, cough) numerous 'ladies in waiting' in storage in my studio... just in case... some day...
And Hey!
That 'Some Day' had arrived!
so off to the Studio I went!!
TWO beautiful 'ladies' no longer are a waiting 8-)!
...they were a 'bit tangled' after all these years -
but you gotta cut 40+ year olds some slack!
and they are beautiful in the morning sun...


 (This isn't 'technically' considered a collection... right?!!)



Shara said...

I think that I will come see you and sit on your summer porch and look at your beads and your flowers and have a sip of wine!

Enjoy your 4th!

svelteSTUFF said...

I wish you would ;-)

Pam said...

I love all the beads!! Especially the green and blue. How can anyone be stressed hanging around amidst all of this magic!