Sunday, July 8, 2012

...another 'love' ~ 'hate' relationship!

Didn't Hit a LOT of sales Fri & Sat, but certainly found an array of items!! (and had fun!)
Sweater Clip 2012 #9 - for future trading!! Sweet Compacts for M.E. 2/$1. & Rhinestone Choker $1

Retro Sarah Coventry metal link belt for M.E. $1.

1950's boxful of cocktail napkins that I had better get rid of SOON or else I am going to be
TOO attached to - loving them - so rude- sure fire way to put a smile on your face
 at the end of a long day... well, one of these AND a cocktail!

...AND I found a good-sized tub full of 'old' canning jar rings... ~'cause I'm sure you have all seen this cool 'I could do that' primitive wreath on pinterest... right?!

Well, I hope anyone else who tries this has a LOT MORE MARTHA GENES going for you than I do, 'cause there is no amount of rafia, rust or pine branches that are gonna help this baby (picture below...) - the only thing that can help this is inserting it inside of a brown paper bag, sealing the bag shut, and NOT opening it again!

I think I need to open a new PINTEREST board labelled 'WARNING: STAND BACK: FAILURES!!'

That's okay, I compensated by snagging this pinterest CHOCOLATE ZUCCHINI CAKE recipe from Shara over at MONKEYBOX and making cupcakes for our new neighbors.  Of course, they only got half of them, so I drowned my wreath failures in chocolate...  8-)

So, back to the rest of my Fri-Sat goodies...

Red Morning Glory (?) Recipe box

M.O.R.E. FUN! Cocktail napkins by DROODLES that I had better get into our ETSY shop SOON!!
The most adorable Golden Book EVER. ~ 'My Little Brother'

...and OH, if they could all 'Dress like Italians'...


For anyone who might be curious on my progress...
My 'A.P.B.' for corks is serving me well (and proving just what wino's I have for friends - LOVE YOU ALL!!!)  Current count is up to 308 - KEEP 'EM COMING!


Shara said...

Love the napkins. I found a similar box in my G'mas house that I kept.

Well, that wreath. Hmmmm. Kind of got lost in translation, now didn't it. Yours is interesting - looks like a Jello Mold to me. Not what you were looking for? A lot of the things I "Pin" I know I can never pull off.

The Zucchini Cake? It is good, huh? Really chocolate though. I think I would cut the cocoa to one cup next time. Did the neighbors like them????

I have the companion to your mouse from a bank here in my town. Oh, and I have the set of trays to match your breadbox. You and me is two peas in a pod. :)

grunge-queen said...

Fab finds, love the SC belt and the compacts, what screaming deals! :)