Thursday, July 5, 2012

... 0n a good wine binge!

So... How was your July Fourth?

For once, we had no plans, no commitments...  J played golf in the morning, and I stayed home and tackled a 'long-brewing project'...
Simple enough.  I have a 'few' sweater clips/guards on their original cards or on packaging giving their history, that I have been wanting to make a display board for.
How sweet is this note?!

(Shara ~ I had to show this photo for The Bean!!)

I've had the frame tucked away for quite a while (J pressure washed it for me Summer 2011 after I garbage picked it!!), just needed to renail a few boards on the back & add a hanging wire - oh and one other little thing...

 Add corks for a 'tackable backer'.  We live in the FINGER LAKES of New York State - IE: the heart of Wine Country, and I have been saving these babies as souvenirs from special trips since I moved here in '87... I had a LOT of CORKS... (I thought that I had about a Bazillion corks saved up, well apparently, it is going to take about THREE Bazillion !!!! (I have 247+/- in place already!) I was originally going for 'the natural, local winery corks with cool graphics only - but now I'll take whatever I can get (kinda like life !!) - synthetics, imports, plains, broken ones...)
I have put out an 'All-Points' request to friends with 'connections' (IE: bartenders, winery tasters, liquor distributors, etc...) - so, 'barring' (pun intended) any other unforeseen technical difficulties I shall soon have a photo of a finished result to show you!


ROBBIN (with 2 b's) said...

I love this. And to think that you wouldn't have enough corks! Ha!

Shara said...

Great display of all your sweater clips. Love that you leave the notes on them too. The Bean would love that Masonic clip. You know us too well! :)

I have the one cork I can return......:D