Tuesday, September 27, 2011

...'VERA ALERT' - does it get much better?

"Hi S
I was in Auburn today, naturally at the Salvation Army. I found a Vera Xmas tablecloth. It's round and has poinsettias and red stripes on it. A few small stains, but they might come out. It was 5 bucks. I hid it in the back where the comforters are.
If receiving an email like that isn't just about the best way to start your day, then I don't know what is!! Yes, I was down there in a flash. Yes it was still there. Yes it is a Beauty!
VERA 2011 #19
The rest of the Gorgeous 80+ degree first full Fall weekend was spent being productive in the yard and gardens...
cutting, harvesting, pruning, arranging, savoring
drying, and a bit of hoarding
(love my artemesia)
Hope everyone else had as Wonderful of a weekend as I did, and


Shara said...

Now, that's a good friend! Now you need some Christmas Vera napkin rings!

Heidi said...

Ooh, LOVE that tablecloth! What fun to have such a thoughtful friend!

Protector of Vintage said...

Wonderful Vera tablecloth! I haven't seen that design before!

Vintage Christine said...

I think that tablecloth is gorgeous and I'll bet if you soak it in Oxi-Clean for a couple days it will get the stains out--that always works for me. Love all that green pottery--I also have a fetish for it!

Linda said...

Glad to help you out and relieved that it was still there for you!