Thursday, September 22, 2011 you know what today is?!

It is almost 'official' ! Tomorrow it WILL be the Fall Equinox,
which means today is 'Autumn Eve' (it is also National Ice Cream Cone Day - not something to be overlooked either!!).
Since I have been on hiatus, and neglecting my Autumn 'decorating duties', mother nature has taken it upon herself. I think that she has done a mighty fine job with this garland, and I am going to have a hard time harvesting these little guys to bring them inside for my Fall Vignettes.
I have tried and tried for years to get 'squash' to grow up a trellis, with no luck. Finally, this year some volunteers from the compost pile took it upon themselves ~ and then some!!
Remember that raised flower bed that I started this summer ?
I planted ONE Nasturtium in amongst all of the other flowers, and it C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E.L.Y. took over everything. She's a beauty though, and her orange flowers look stunning right now, so it's all GOOD!
J's Habanero's are turning lovely shades of orange for the season - but I refuse to have anything to do with the harvesting of those bad babies ~ they are all his!!
A 'small' accomplishment at the beach last week - a 3bag Plarn Pumpkin (about the size of a small orange) with a driftwood stem.
LOOK! LOOK! Sweet Silver Sweater Clip 2011#10 was sitting on my desk at work waiting for me upon my return - they DID MISS ME! they DID MISS ME! 8-)!!
To Celebrate the onset of the Most Wonderful of Seasons, I'm doing something I generally try NOT to do on my blog - and that is advertise our ETSY SHOP (but, it's my blog... so I guess exceptions can be made, right?!). Anyways, I'm trying out their coupon code thing. Starting today, good through October, the code AUTUMNEVE will get you 30% OFF anything in svelteSTUFFj ETSY shop! Spread the word~ the more the merrier 8-)
Don't forget to go have an ice cream cone today!!

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Protector of Vintage said...

Mother Nature did a lovely job with the decorating!