Tuesday, September 20, 2011

...extending the season.

So... when the college gals started talking 'roadtrip South'... What was I to do?!
We watched The Weather Channel (with fingers crossed that Irene & Maria would cooperate!!),
Packed the GMC Yukon as only 3 females with no 'luggage weight limits' could possibly do,
and headed 13 hours SOUTH...
DESTINATION: Pine Knoll Shore, NC
Toes in the warm sand for one.more.week !
Sightseeing along the coast of NC.
Nothing but Beach in the morning, and poolside in the afternoon.
Oh, we did do a 'bit' of educational sightseeing ...
but yeh, it was mostly beach time 8-)!
(and yes, it was mostly deserted!!)
We DID get our exercise, walking a couple of miles each morning during sunrise on the beach - so we weren't completely 'Lazy bums'!!
...even made a friend one morning during our walk
(not that time mattered much...)
No real thrifting, but came home with LOTS of Seaside treasures!!
A WONDERFUL week, with the best buds a girl could ask for! Back home now to much, Much, MUCH cooler weather - but that's okay, it is definitely feeling like Fall! I'm refreshed and relaxed and ready to enjoy every minute of what the new season brings with it ~ hopefully!.

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Shara said...

What a wonderful trip and a last HURRRAH for summertime. Sometimes it's about the junk, sometimes it's about the journey!