Saturday, September 3, 2011

...a DECADE. ...Really?!

In lieu of one of my personally despised 'stuffy sit-down traditional bridal showers', they took me on a wonderful Autumn in the FingerLakes Winery excursion with many 'twists'! It was a Beautiful Day that I shall never forget!
I think of that day, and the many friends that made the day special, often when I'm out in my Herb Garden. Today was one of those days! You see, one special lady gifted me with a few herbies that day -
a couple of which were the perennials TARRAGON and LOVAGE. Hearty, strong herbs that have been the center pieces to my herb bed (above to the right of the stump) for TEN FREAKIN' YEARS NOW!!
The Tarragon grows TALL, and requires pruning often - when left to it's own accord it will completely cover the stump, so it keeps the 'memories fresh' 8-)


Shara said...

So, then, Happy Almost Anniversary!

I love Tarragon - I can rarely find it at the store - can't believe I never actually thought to GROW some. Your yard looks like an I SPy - I love it!

Louise said...

Happy Anniversary, when it comes. The time flies by, faster every year.