Sunday, September 4, 2011

... I stand corrected!

This morning's phone call to Mom went something like this...


...and her reply?

"Susan! I'm ONLY 78!"


OH Well, we had a good laugh about it then, and I told her I did it on purpose so that she could say that she was 'ONLY 78' and feel good about it 8-)! Then she thanked me again for 'HER' day on Friday...

What she was referring to was that on Friday I travelled to my hometown for the day (where they still live!), and Mom & I spent the day together doing 'Whatever' we felt like. There was no agenda, other than that I was taking her to lunch for her birthday. I was her chauffeur for the day, anywhere she wanted to go, anything she wanted to do... We DID! Just a girls day together - after all, what can you buy for a Seventy-something's birthday that they 'really NEED'??

I arrived by 8:30am, we had coffee and set out... 'shoe shopping' (she had worn out a pair of sandals this summer and wanted to try to replace them with some end of summer sales!)

Of course she is as much or more of a Garage Sale maven than me!!

First sale netted a NY & Co. watch - WORKING!! - .50¢

(I'm from the 'stoneages' and can't get used to using my cell instead of a watch... what can I say!)

Quite a Few garage sale 'Dud-Stops', and quite a few shoe stores later we did find a pair of sandals that would 'work' until she found 'THE' pair that she REALLY wanted, but enough of Shoes, it was time for LUNCH!!

Couldn't drive right by sales though!!

Brand New In Box Weller Soldering Iron - $5 - do you think this is a sign that I need to get working on my soldering again??
Oh, and there is another sale!!
("But Mom, it is all Baby Furniture!" Mom is a die-hard saler!)
It did yield a GREAT Guess Jean Jacket $5, and two classic V-neck long sleeve Old Navy T's for .25¢ ea ...
' Mother Know's Best'

Lovely little FOO-FOO, 'Ladies-Who-Lunch' type place.
Very nice.

only lunch, dessert is later!!

Now it's time to go to the Lake (Lake Ontario) sea glass hunting...
You guessed it.
More Sales along the way!
Yes, that is a WHOLE box of kids building blocks just waiting to be painted or created with - and yes Shara, I took the WHOLE FREAKIN BOX FULL!!! - But I also bought some new grape handtowels for Xmas presents and a Sheryl Crow CD (so it's okay - right??)

We walked a 'new to us' private beach... but only two tiny little gems to be had.
Oh well.

We worked up an appetite for our dessert 8-)

Of course on our way... another sale!
A HardRock Washington DC Bear and a Spain Xmas squeaky toy (I'm hoping maybe the two of these will help defray the cost of gas for the 300+ miles I logged during this journey - do ya think? Yeh, probably wishful thinking... ha, ha!!)

One of my fav spots!


on the south shores of Lake Ontario

Mom and I got ice cream from the snack bar and ate it while listening to the waves.

(can't you almost hear Don Henley's BOY'S OF SUMMER)

Perfect ending to a WONDERFUL DAY WITH MOM!!

"nobody on the road

nobody on the beach

I feel it in the air

summer's out of reach"


Shara said...

Sounds like a wonderful day with MOM. You guys must be two peas in a pod with the things you like to do.

PS I will always wear a watch - in fact, I never even thought about using my phone as a clock!

Louise said...

Hamlin is such a lovely place. I can't believe I didn't make it out there once this year. It was the perfect place to end a wonderful day with your Mom. You got a lot of stuff packed into that one day.

I have a watch, that I wear sporadically, but I've found that, since I retired, time isn't as important to me as it used to be. I didn't even know my cell phone had a clock.