Tuesday, August 16, 2011

...true fire.

During the past couple of weeks, the adventure has included some fun 'saling' along the ways!
(Out saling with Mom, digging through Boxes & Boxes of old tools and Serious JUNK when I started finding stray keys in the bottom - perfect for my jewelry making - soon I had a handful... when I asked the old farmer "How Much?" He just got the most quizzical~baffled~youFool look on his face and said "A Buck?" . As we walked away, I thought my Mom was going to start crying she was laughing SO HARD - "OH S! HIS LOOK! IT WAS JUST PRICELESS!!")
Out to Madison, Ohio with bestest college pal A for a 'traditional' long weekend of wining (as in Winery tasting) and town-wide saling with some of her family that lives there. (Scored these LIA SOPHIA and NAPIER necklaces for .50¢ ea)
(more gems-n-bling for .50¢ ea ... Small and easy to pack!!)
In Ohio we did hit our 'MAJOR SCORE' (ha,ha) at a Church yard sale. I ran over there quick while everyone else was going to grab a table for Dinner/Drinks across the street (they REALLY aren't 'that' into saling!!). After a Quick survey, I only came up with a matte white pottery vase that I thought 'might' be Haeger (it wasn't, so no photo) so I went up to ask how much. I was informed that since it was Fri night they had started their $1 bag sale ~ so the vase would be $1, and so would anything else I could fit in the bag! Well, what was I to do? Yes, they were waiting for me... so, they could just have another drink... right?
Another quick scan with my bag-to-fill yielded...( 7!) brand new Just The Right Shoes (I have yet to see if there is any resale value...), a Harley Davidson Mug and a couple of printer ink cartridges - then I called it quits!
After dinner 'A' and I did stop back over to the sale to do a more 'in depth dig' through the linens. A's brother and nephew recently bought a rental piece of property and they had asked us to keep our eyes open for draperies for it. We hit the jackpot at the Bag Sale!! Matching, lined draperies with hooks for the Huge, main windows... sheers... short frillies for kitchen and bath - all together a GREAT BIG HEAVY GARBAGE bag full!! - we asked the church ladies how much - they were Thrilled that somebody was going to enjoy them - they only wanted $1 (we gave them more!) - SCORE!
'Lil plastic Lobster pin to add to my collection - .25¢
Last Saturday morning the paper advertised an Estate sale starting at 7am. I am an early morning person, but I have come to the conclusion that I am not a diehard 'dealer'. I dearly LOVE my saling, but I am more into it for the adventure, than for the resale. I Don't like the pushing, shoving, Rushing. I like to take my time. Check things out. I tend to enjoy looking at the architectural detail in the homes, daydream about previous owners and admire the flower beds as much as pawing through the silverware drawer. I guess I'm a 'second wave' type (that second flurry of customers that every sale seems to get - those that 'oversleep' the original rush). Yes, you miss a LOT of initial treasures, but when I got to the sale at 7:30, there were still LOTS of gems to be had...
this GREAT garden kneeler/bench $4 - I had been looking to buy one for my Mom from Plow & Hearth and they usually retail for $30 - $40!!

2-Step Stool ($2) for retail display, New retro metal PortaFile w/key for resale and wooden Lazy Susan (I had been in search of one for a future project!)- .25¢
Manual Smith-Corona Typwriter - works like a gem... coming soon to an ETSY store near you
a couple of dress clips to add to my collection, a signed pewter necklace (should it stay or should it go??)
sweater clip 2011 #7
Now... back to that garden to get some more of those sweet Japanese / Chinese lanterns clipped!!

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Reduce, Reuse and Rummage said...

I enjoyed looking over your finds! I love the design on the pewter necklace so I would say it was a keeper, as well as the lobster pin.