Thursday, August 18, 2011 just wasn'

On my way to work, I made a quick stop by one of my favorite thrifts to drop off a few bags of donations. On the way out these two berry bowls with a retro Aqua/Olive floral pattern caught my eye sitting on the edge of a table ~ all by themselves...I had been SO.GOOD!
Straight in and Straight out ((almost))
When I flipped them and saw their lineage (Franciscan Earthenware which I am partial to.), that made up my mind for me, and I took them straight to the counter. At the counter my 'buddy' cashier said "Oh, did you see the rest of this set that we have in the back?"
Not just a 'few' pieces folks.
We're talking plates, and berry bowls, and side plates, and salads, and..., and...
Did I mention it is a really cheap thrift that has really nice bags?
So, I will sort through the 50++ pieces, take out a few for me and the rest will be 'E' bound after some research. Anybody out there familiar with this pattern??


Vintage Christine said...

It's their "Tulip Time" pattern from 1963 and it's darling! You will definitely make some dinero on this if someone is looking for pieces. Great score!!!!

Shara said...

Those are pretty dishes. I bet you will make some serious cashola on those. Great find!

I LOVE coming home with fancy bags from fancy places that I will never ever set foot in my entire life. :D

Mom Walds Place said...

Sometimes you simply have to succumb to the dishes.