Sunday, February 6, 2011

...Friday findings

Friday findings were few and far between, but they were FUN, and that is what counts - right?

(enamel & metal pendant .80¢ - anybody know anything about the signature NEUBERGER?? I'm not having much luck researching. That's okay, 'cause it's a keeper anyway!)
Looking back on my 'REALITY CHECK' post, I hope I didn't give anybody the wrong impression with that blog entry! I just found myself reflecting upon everything that 'I' /'WE' pour into our treasures from start-to-finish, and how absolutely INSANE we must appear to 'Outsiders' who don't 'get' our passion!! Yes, 'We Who Love Vintage Stuff' definitely view the whole process from a completely different perspective - perhaps through rose colored glasses at times...

  • we add extra hours to our day by getting up early, and have seen beautiful sunrises.
  • those 'sale signs' have taken us on roads that we may never have explored otherwise, and seen breath taking sights - journeys we have remembered.
  • we've explored Barns and Homes others can only dream of prowling through!there is adventure around every turn, a complete cast of 'characters' - yes some good and some not so good (shower maybe?!)... but we love them all, and find ourselves worrying, just a bit, when they aren't in their usual spot in line ahead of us at that estate sale.
  • if it wasn't in our hands, we wouldn't have a reason to research and learn about it - and all of that useless info rattling around in our heads comes in oh-so-handy!!
  • it really is a 'cheap addiction' compared to lots of them - have you seen the price of football tickets??!
  • the 'sale' is just kind of a validation of sorts... (oh, and it DOES support our 'habit'!!)

(old tin/bakelite CAMELS I 'Finally!' untangled... will give to a friend who adores Camels $1)

It's the PASSION for STUFF / JUNK ~ you either have it or you don't!

(just for fun skeleton earrings to be part of my next altered art / collage project - $1)

...and if you keep coming back for MY silly ramblings and STUFF FINDS
- you Must have The PASSION for STUFF!

(SWEDEN pewter necklace)


VERA rectangular SCARF 2010#2 $1.00 !!!!!

Now, go get your GOLD & BLACK on!