Tuesday, February 15, 2011

...do you see what I see?

Saturday, on our way home from my parents house, we !Finally! found a little shop open that I have been scoping out for Months!! OH, the joy of Fresh Turf!! 2011 Sweaterclip #1

Royal Haeger that J fell in love with because of the lion head 8-) 2011#2 (early Vday gift from him!!)

Do you see what I see in this photo? I took it to our back porch for some natural light, and Lo-n-behold - SHADOWS!! Which can only mean one thing - SUNSHINE!! Yes, Upstate NY actually had some SUNSHINE this afternoon!!! Oh, it was Fabulous...

and not just a few 'shadows', but LOTS of SHADOWS!!! Okay, I'll admit it was only 17°, but who really cares, when you have SUNSHINE in February?!!

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Heidi said...

I definitely sell more when I list more often, even old stuff. I know it's because the more you list, the higher up you show in the search results, so you get more traffic in your store. So since I know it works, why can't I get myself together and list more often? Sheesh. Good for you for making your goal!