Friday, September 24, 2010


The weather forecast for this second day of Autumn in Central NY is 90!!?!!
This may be 'normal' for some parts of the country...
but NOT. HERE.I didn't let it deter my Fall mood though! This morning I went out for an early morning walk through the changing leaves that have just started to drop. During my walk I chanced upon a curbside pile at a 'FOR SALE' home. On the edge of the pile was a beat old door with this little gem glistening in the morning sun! Of course I COULDN'T just leave it there!! With the help of some ever-present 'do-all' tools in my bag, it came home with me. Yes, it has a few nicks, and some layers of paint around the edges, but hey - who doesn't?!
While I was out, I also remembered a Rummage sale that I should be leaving for by 8:30!! Hey, a Girl's gotta do, what a Girl's gotta do when it comes to 'RUMMAGE'!

Even on such a warm day, I HAD to try this Mohair baby on! I'm 6'-0" and it reaches to my knees + I have to turn a cuff up in the sleeves = that's a lotta yarn!!! Not too often I find a 'little' lovely that fits this perfect for $3 in this perfect of shape... Yes, yes, rather 80's pattern, but I think with the right accessories this will become my new Fall 'go-to' piece! With chocolate or black - it's got it.

Continuing on my Autumn purchase theme...
a ribbon scarf in great aqua/orange color scheme (.25¢)

Halloween dish towel (.25¢)

'New' Metallic gold foil craft tape & jingle bells (.5¢ea)
Tomorrow's weather prediction is for a more seasonable mid 60's, and it is the NAPLES Grape Festival, so maybe I will get my first chance to snuggle in my new sweater!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

...Thrifting Thursday?

I decided to be 'good' this morning, 'I WOULD NOT GO OUT TO THRIFTS this morning, I would stay home and be Productive!' and while I was still 'motivated', I would! finish! putting away last weekend's 'picnic basket haul'.
As I was locating the 'proper' home for my newfound sweater clip (yes, each 'style' has it's own location... yes, I'm a bit 'anal' when it comes to my sweater clips ~ deal with it!), I discovered it was a duplicate, which spurred me on to decide it was about time to part with my 'duplicates'... I was double-checking the duplicity of a couple of clips, the silhouettes of my 'valance' displays in the morning light caught my eye...

the camera had to come out to play for a while, ETSY would wait - the morning light wouldn't!
OH, I DO enjoy my collections... my toys... my STUFF!
That's what it's all about, Right?

...but this is the path that all of my projects take, there is NO STRAIGHT LINE - they ALL wander all over the place!!!
  • Yes, the clips are in the ETSY shop
  • Yes, I HAVE blogged
  • No, I HAVE NOT finished putting away last weekend's 'picnic basket haul'!


...oh, what do I care, really, it's All Good - 'cause....


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

...farewell feast

As we were eating our last dinner of the summer, I surveyed our 'gourmet' meal...
  • grilled cheese & tomato sandwiches
  • watermelon rind pickles (my first attempt ~ YUM!!)
  • chips w/ my sweet & spicy salsa concoction (I'm not big on salsa, but this meets with my taste buds - it's our garden mix of tomatoes, onions, lotsa garlic, habaneros, mixed herbs, and raspberries w/ a little sugar!)

THANK YOU SUMMER - We shall remember & enjoy you until next year!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

...Unofficial Autumn Arrival

The calendar may not say AUTUMN yet, but it has definitely arrived in Central NY, and any spare weekend day can easily be filled with one of the local 'Fall Festivals' !
DH has been up in NH since Thurs. working the NASCAR race. I opted out this time to let him have a 'boys' weekend... which left me to my own demise (ie: 'hot' Friday night of Pumpking crocheting - woo hoo!!). Going slightly 'stir-crazy', and REALLY missing my 'usual' Stuff-fixes, I decided I would head to the annual Pultneyville Historical Society Fundraiser - about an hour away. I have been to this particular event twice before - once solo, once with DH... this time I thought I would invite longtime best-bud 'A'. She was game (even though she is N.O.T. a 'stuff' person, she is always 'up' for an adventure - You gotta admire that in a person!!).
Coffee & Diet Coke in hand, we were on the road by 7:30 am Sat. for our journey. Beautiful, brisk and promising morning!

First stop wasn't until we were on the outskirts of Pultneyville, and I was BAD... I really tried to put this $2 Redman Basket down, but it just latched onto my wrist and wouldn't let go!! I DID behave the rest of the day, and all of the rest of my purchases for the day stayed contained easily within the basket! (Including the apples in the first photo!!)

(a couple of grapevine wreath forms and a retro belt with GREAT beads - .25¢ ea)

Most of the day was spent catching up with 'A', and laughing - you know the kind where you get tears in your eyes and your sides hurt?!! I can't even remember the last time I laughed so hard!

Coordinating Red-White-Blue... How cool is that?!! VERA (2010 #25); Sweater Clipa (2010 #16)
We ate... errr.. I mean we 'patronized' all of the local organizations - drama club (pizza), plant club (peanut butter cookie), Methodist Church (hot dogs), etc..., etc..., BUT it was okay because we parked at the Marina by the lake and walked off the calories! and walked and walked and...
another dark blue VERA (2010 #26) in the R-W-B series!
...walked and walked - for FIVE hours we walked (and chatted and ate and shopped) around this little ville! I had never walked while doing this 'sale' before, so I had never gotten to really 'see' the homes and the yards before. We were admiring one woman's garden, and she asked us if we wanted to go through the gate to see her back yard - 'Sure!' AMAZING! I felt like Alice stepping through the looking glass. This totally unsuspecting house with fenced backyard held a sloped terrain that led to a creek, all of which had been transformed completely through a labor of love into an oriental garden of fountains and paths. We emerged completely in Awe, and feeling so honored to have had this chance encounter!
The sales seem to close way-too-early (2:30!!). We took our time winding along lake roads coming home. Stopped for a walk on a beach to admire a couple of lighthouses with a wedding taking place, picking up a handful of seaglass along the way...

One last stop at a roadside 'picnic table' stand to purchase $2 pumpkins before calling it a day.

What a Perfect day!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

...they are MULTIPLYING!!

PLARN PUMPKIN #2 (and #1 on the left)
... I think I'm starting to get the hang of these!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 everything there is a season...

VERA (2010 #24)

Poor, neglected blog.
Not sure if it is the change in seasons, or the recent electrical short in the attic studio/storage (resulting in the relocating of MASSIVE QUANTITIES OF "STUFF") that has caused me great reflection of late...
...someday projects... ...future hopes... ...dreams... ...boxes... ...waiting... ...waiting...
for what?
...stuff... ...boxes... ...and boxes... ...Ebay/Etsy warehouse-O-stuff... ...stuff... ...stuff...
Too. Much. Stuff.
(Did 'I' just type those words????)
Time to put the 'stuff' to use or else clear it out.

A very wise women once told me "We have time in our lives for what we want to do."

I'm not exactly sure what 'that time' is for, but I do know that time is NOW! (During the "STUFF RELOCATION" I found I hadn't touched my sketchbooks since 1993 - why?? OH, the right side of my brain was screaming for release!!)
For a while, my 'stuffing' time, will be taking back seat to free up time (and space) for whatever the moment may bring... 'Tree-Hugging', 'Martha-Moments', 'Right-Brain-Release', 'Creative-Cooking-Chaos', 'Clearing-Clutter'... Now, don't hold me to this... I have no idea how long this will last, and I have no idea as to where this little blog will go from here. You KNOW I won't COMPLETELY give up my STUFF SEARCHING, and if anybody feels like hanging out for my journey~ You are more than welcome to tag along... just don't expect too much!

With that said...
Fall was in the air this past weekend and I started to play.
We stumbled upon our first Harvest Festival Saturday morning, and it put me in the 'Martha'-mode... When we came home and I pulled out the spray paint and hot glue gun - DH just stepped back and got a scared look on his face!!!


...and when he saw me taking a photo of this, he got REALLY scared!! "You AREN'T going to put THAT on your blog, are you?!!"

(some people spray paint feather trees... I prefer to Black- spray paint old beat-up Christmas feather birds!)

My attempt at Heidi's paper bag wreath

Fall arrangement with fresh Artemesia from the garden (and YES 'Vintage C' that IS a piece of Weller - just to prove I DO own things other than HAEGER!!)

...and a little Plarn PUMPKIN! 10 Kinney's Drugstore bags, a twig from the yard, and two scraps of yarn - doesn't get much 'greener' or simpler than that!!

Is there a FULL MOON tonight?? There must be some logic behind me quoting 'that' book and announcing a 'stuff sabbatical' all in the same blog entry!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

...she's got more, More, MORE!!

I haven't been doing a 'lot' of saling of late, but there have been a few "treasures" crossing our threshold that I must share!!

Last weekend I 'did' a Street sale. The usual, same-old same-old stuff,
~BUT~I did manage to snag a Boxful of vintaga Christmas for a Buck!!

Later in the week I was out on a quest for Bowling Pins for a friend who has recently opened an Upscale Consignment Shop on the East Side of Rochester, NY. She had asked me to pick up some for her to use to display hats, 'should I find any in my travels'... . I thought I had seen some at a particular 'junk' shop, and memory served me well - I scored THREE for her and these two beauties as well 8-)...

Royal Haeger $2 (2010 #21)

Royal Haeger $5 (2010 #22)
Our first piece of the LILAC glaze 1964-65 - "Misty blend of lilacs and blues... short supply, hard to find"

Friday, my only purchase was this sweet little cup...

No saucer. A saucer would have been nice, but who really cares when the bottom of it is signed like this?

VERA (2010 #23)

Saturday. Rainy. Cold. Bad start to a Long, Holiday weekend! A couple of measly sales. NOTHING blogworthy! An old friend and long-time roomie ('A') saved the day by coming over. She was checking out all of our latest projects around the house, and admiring the 'Plate Racks turned HAEGER Ashtray displays'. I told her the 'I NEED MORE HAEGER' story, and she had a GOOD LAUGH (she could completely relate with DH, as she had lived with my complete collection-addiction-chaos for 10+ yrs before DH & I got married!!). Shortly thereafter she went out to her car and returned with a bag, handed it to me and said 'Merry Christmas Early'.
IT WAS!!!!!
Doesn't it look much better?!
The 'new' piece is top right.
I still need to 'play' to get them to arranged 'just' right,
but I HAD to show all of you...
my new piece of ROYAL HAEGER Mandarin Orange!!
(2010 #23)
THANKS A!!!!!!