Thursday, September 23, 2010

...Thrifting Thursday?

I decided to be 'good' this morning, 'I WOULD NOT GO OUT TO THRIFTS this morning, I would stay home and be Productive!' and while I was still 'motivated', I would! finish! putting away last weekend's 'picnic basket haul'.
As I was locating the 'proper' home for my newfound sweater clip (yes, each 'style' has it's own location... yes, I'm a bit 'anal' when it comes to my sweater clips ~ deal with it!), I discovered it was a duplicate, which spurred me on to decide it was about time to part with my 'duplicates'... I was double-checking the duplicity of a couple of clips, the silhouettes of my 'valance' displays in the morning light caught my eye...

the camera had to come out to play for a while, ETSY would wait - the morning light wouldn't!
OH, I DO enjoy my collections... my toys... my STUFF!
That's what it's all about, Right?

...but this is the path that all of my projects take, there is NO STRAIGHT LINE - they ALL wander all over the place!!!
  • Yes, the clips are in the ETSY shop
  • Yes, I HAVE blogged
  • No, I HAVE NOT finished putting away last weekend's 'picnic basket haul'!


...oh, what do I care, really, it's All Good - 'cause....


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Anonymous said...

They are beautiful. Just looking like they are meant to be right there in that light!