Tuesday, September 14, 2010

...to everything there is a season...

VERA (2010 #24)

Poor, neglected blog.
Not sure if it is the change in seasons, or the recent electrical short in the attic studio/storage (resulting in the relocating of MASSIVE QUANTITIES OF "STUFF") that has caused me great reflection of late...
...someday projects... ...future hopes... ...dreams... ...boxes... ...waiting... ...waiting...
for what?
...stuff... ...boxes... ...and boxes... ...Ebay/Etsy warehouse-O-stuff... ...stuff... ...stuff...
Too. Much. Stuff.
(Did 'I' just type those words????)
Time to put the 'stuff' to use or else clear it out.

A very wise women once told me "We have time in our lives for what we want to do."

I'm not exactly sure what 'that time' is for, but I do know that time is NOW! (During the "STUFF RELOCATION" I found I hadn't touched my sketchbooks since 1993 - why?? OH, the right side of my brain was screaming for release!!)
For a while, my 'stuffing' time, will be taking back seat to free up time (and space) for whatever the moment may bring... 'Tree-Hugging', 'Martha-Moments', 'Right-Brain-Release', 'Creative-Cooking-Chaos', 'Clearing-Clutter'... Now, don't hold me to this... I have no idea how long this will last, and I have no idea as to where this little blog will go from here. You KNOW I won't COMPLETELY give up my STUFF SEARCHING, and if anybody feels like hanging out for my journey~ You are more than welcome to tag along... just don't expect too much!

With that said...
Fall was in the air this past weekend and I started to play.
We stumbled upon our first Harvest Festival Saturday morning, and it put me in the 'Martha'-mode... When we came home and I pulled out the spray paint and hot glue gun - DH just stepped back and got a scared look on his face!!!


...and when he saw me taking a photo of this, he got REALLY scared!! "You AREN'T going to put THAT on your blog, are you?!!"

(some people spray paint feather trees... I prefer to Black- spray paint old beat-up Christmas feather birds!)

My attempt at Heidi's paper bag wreath

Fall arrangement with fresh Artemesia from the garden (and YES 'Vintage C' that IS a piece of Weller - just to prove I DO own things other than HAEGER!!)

...and a little Plarn PUMPKIN! 10 Kinney's Drugstore bags, a twig from the yard, and two scraps of yarn - doesn't get much 'greener' or simpler than that!!

Is there a FULL MOON tonight?? There must be some logic behind me quoting 'that' book and announcing a 'stuff sabbatical' all in the same blog entry!!


Shara said...

Stuff....junk....we all have it. Some of us have too much of it. I have been trying to declutter too. But, there is SO MUCH STUFF. I wish you well in your un-stuffing. I will do my best to keep up with you on the Un-stuffing. (But, if you saw a pile of Haeger by the road, you would stop and pick it up...wouldn't you????)

Heidi said...

Yup, I'm feeling the need to DE-stuff too. I think it's catching around blogland--maybe it's the change in seasons?

LOVE your wreath! The lanterns are super gorgeous and the colors & textures look great together.

ROBBIN (with 2 b's) said...

Like you said, to everything there is a season. This is HEALTHY and GOOD and REFRESHING. Allowing change to happen opens up so many new possibilities. I have heard so many times that the things in your home should be things that make you smile. If you don't use it or don't love it, you don't need it. (Of course we all have to have a STASH of something that we must save for "sometime". For me it's boxes of ribbons, and wrappings and children's books.) I encourage you in this new jouney...oh and don't forget to let me know when you've cleared a pile..I'll want to check it out as you always have the BEST STUFF! ;)

Coll said...

I love this wreath. Very impressive. I may try it. Any tips or tricks?
Enjoy everything about this season. I remember that Halloween was always a biggie for you.

svelteSTUFF said...

SHARA - HAEGER...by the road? You KNOW I'd be on top of it!!

HEIDI - I'm glad you think I did YOUR wreath proud!

ROBBIN - YOU know that you will have first dibbs on the Purple Buddah when/if I should ever decide to part ways with him! 8-)

COLL - I am by no stretch of the imagination a 'Martha'!! My only helpful hints would be - (1) attempt only after putting the kiddos to bed and (2) don't try for perfection, just have FUN!!

THANKS for hangin' with me LADIES!!