Sunday, September 5, 2010

...she's got more, More, MORE!!

I haven't been doing a 'lot' of saling of late, but there have been a few "treasures" crossing our threshold that I must share!!

Last weekend I 'did' a Street sale. The usual, same-old same-old stuff,
~BUT~I did manage to snag a Boxful of vintaga Christmas for a Buck!!

Later in the week I was out on a quest for Bowling Pins for a friend who has recently opened an Upscale Consignment Shop on the East Side of Rochester, NY. She had asked me to pick up some for her to use to display hats, 'should I find any in my travels'... . I thought I had seen some at a particular 'junk' shop, and memory served me well - I scored THREE for her and these two beauties as well 8-)...

Royal Haeger $2 (2010 #21)

Royal Haeger $5 (2010 #22)
Our first piece of the LILAC glaze 1964-65 - "Misty blend of lilacs and blues... short supply, hard to find"

Friday, my only purchase was this sweet little cup...

No saucer. A saucer would have been nice, but who really cares when the bottom of it is signed like this?

VERA (2010 #23)

Saturday. Rainy. Cold. Bad start to a Long, Holiday weekend! A couple of measly sales. NOTHING blogworthy! An old friend and long-time roomie ('A') saved the day by coming over. She was checking out all of our latest projects around the house, and admiring the 'Plate Racks turned HAEGER Ashtray displays'. I told her the 'I NEED MORE HAEGER' story, and she had a GOOD LAUGH (she could completely relate with DH, as she had lived with my complete collection-addiction-chaos for 10+ yrs before DH & I got married!!). Shortly thereafter she went out to her car and returned with a bag, handed it to me and said 'Merry Christmas Early'.
IT WAS!!!!!
Doesn't it look much better?!
The 'new' piece is top right.
I still need to 'play' to get them to arranged 'just' right,
but I HAD to show all of you...
my new piece of ROYAL HAEGER Mandarin Orange!!
(2010 #23)
THANKS A!!!!!!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh wow you got some beautiful glazed pieces there! Love the new orange piece and what a good friend!!

Coll said...

You certainly trained her very well.

P. said...

Found your blog through Ocean Breezes. Loved looking at some of your your Haeger posts. You've got some great pieces! Feel free to stop by and click the Haeger label on my blog sometime. Cheers!