Sunday, October 31, 2010

...when will I get used to it?!??

This Blog Entry is Dedicated to all my Southern Buddies who get excited about wearing 'jackets'...

Halloween started out splendidly with a visit from the Great Pumpkin, and then an early morning trip to The Market (as in Flea!). OH Baby was it COLD in those buildings though!! ...and the open air pavilions - forget it! Even 'I' am not enough of a die-hard junker for that nonsense!

Want to see what $3.65 bought me?

Pastel Blue w/ flower Bed Lamp...drawer organizer (aka: antique muffin tin)

SWEATER CLIP (2010 #17)

Aqua Enamel & Silverplate HEIRLOOM bowl

Signed CA pottery studio dish

2 hankies, rhinestone pin, Halloween Cat, 3 old porc. doorknobs and a fold-up rule (forgot to photo!)
While I was jostling with ladies in oversized 'PUMPKIN' costumes, pushing their way into places they obviously shouldn't fit... DH was off scanning the HAEGER scene and pounced on these two...
ROYAL HAEGER (2010 #33) $4
Mauve Agate Cloud tight

ROYAL HAEGER (2010 #34) $5
Gold Tweed
Following Market we warmed up with a yummy breakfast & HOT coffee ~ then headed home... only to have the skies open up with this white stuff coming down and bouncing off of the hood of the Subaru! I know. I know. I live in Central NY, it's the end of October, it's bound to happen, get over it. ...but by 6:30 pm when it was getting dark and we should have had cute little trick-or-treators ringing our doorbell, this is what my Trailblazer looked like...

Okay. I'm done whining.
I PROMISE not to make a habit of talking 'weather'!
The snow has started...
Let the caroling begin!


Vintage Christine said...

We were walking around the French Quarter today in t-shirts and jeans and SWEATING. I think it was over 80 degrees! The only snow we'll ever see this far south is on one a dem sno-balls wid dat sweet syrup all ovah it. WHO DAT SAY THEY GONE BEAT DEM SAINTS? WHO DAT!

Shara said...

Sorry to report it was 76 here today. Too warm for jacket. Snow on Halloween???? That is just whacked. Sorry, Sue!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a difference. I wish that at times we could have some of that. Just a bit. We were out with the hords of trick or treaters tonight and some had light sweaters. But then again, you know that those of us in So Cal are pretty whimpy when it gets chilly. So, I will say it again, send it this way...maybe if we chant together it will work. Love your Gold Tweed Hager.

Jabacue said...

OMG! All that for that?! You lucky so and so! Oh no! That means we could get the WHITE STUFF any time now! Thanks for the warning.