Sunday, October 10, 2010

...Does a 'SET' count as just one?

The RUMMAGE GODS were very kind in deed this weekend in their offerings of my beloved
VERAs (Neumann!!)EIGHT matching napkins at one Rummage $2 (2010 #26 - this is where the set count question comes into play). In the photo it is pretty obvious where the signature is, but do you know how difficult it can be sometimes when you are bustling around at a sale to try and find the intertwined 'VERA' in her floral designs?!

Onto another RUMMAGE - love me my rummage - but anybody that has been reading svelteSTUFF for any length of time know that by now!! First stop, linen table. Do you see what I see? Looks like it, but again, MUST VERIFY!

PLEASE, PLEASE... let it be, it would fit my Dining table, I only have ONE other VERA tablecloth, it's in pristine condition, it Fall colors and it's only TWO BUCKS for the whole set!

(VERA 2010 #27)
OH, I was TRULY on overload - SUNNY Fall Saturday - brisk but sunny - just doesn't get any better, except ONE more RUMMAGE...
Off to the Linen / Scarf table I headed~
I do love ALL things VERA, but her geometric, retro and Asian inspired scarves are some of my fav's. It was a well rounded day to add these two scarves to my bounty of RUMMAGE for .50¢ ea. (2010 #28 & #29)!

I hate to admit this was just the 'tip of the iceberg' (so to speak) of what else came home with me, but that shall wait for another day!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Lucky Lucky you!!! I never see Vera linens and I heart them as well. Wonderful tablecloth and napkins!!! Score!!!

Vintage Christine said...

Wow! Alot of bloggettes are coming up with huge amounts of great finds and you really lucked out. Right now I can only live vicariously through you guys, though (and of course it's killing me). Lucky you!!!

Shara said...

I'm glad we didn't swear on our Mother's lives about NO MORE STUFF because you and I both caved big time this weekend!

I'm amazed at the amount of Vera you find. I learned something though - I always look on the edge for VERA, now I see that it is in the design too. Now I know where to look and maybe I will find something now!

Jabacue said...

Vera 101 for me. Lesson learned the designs and colours.

ana @ i made it so said...

oh yes, you lucky duck! so much pretty vera. i have yet to find my first piece!