Sunday, October 3, 2010

...I hate to 'stereo-type, but who would you choose?

(misc. baubles .25¢ ea.)

I have been MIA, but all has not been quiet! I'm looking forward to October, my most favorite of months, to bring a little 'relief'! In brief... a week ago Fri I had some 'basic' dental work, which ended in 'worst case scenario' dental work for me. No 'Grape Festival' and I ended up being out of work all week. Mon. my Mother-inlaw fell, emergency room, admitted for a week stay in the hospital (broken arm, nose, etc...). Same day My Father had complications with a recent pacemaker implant and was admitted to the hospital . Well, all is on the mend... as of Friday I'm still on soft food, but I've had one round of stitches taken out; MIL has been placed in a rehab/nursing home and Dad is back home 8-).
HAEGER ( 2010 #24) .75¢

Saturday I was ready for some THRIFT THERAPY!!! A Church in town was having their Fall 'Old Thyme Fair' which includes a Rummage sale in the basement. Most of the stuff I had picked up was clearly marked, EXCEPT for a few boxes of vintage Christmas... It would be up to the cashier.

( More Holt Howard Pieces that match the ones I found a few weeks ago! 75¢)

The line was quite l.o.n.g. to checkout. There were THREE different cashiers- One line, you just got the next available cashier. With time on my hands, I was surveying the cashiers - scoping out which one I was 'hoping for' - which one would most likely give me the best price on the ornaments. In Line #1 we had the early 20's girl... just out of college? Mom making her do this? Looking a little 'hung-over', like this is the last place she wants to be at 10am on a Sat morning with a bunch of smelly JUNK! In Line #2 was the tastefully dressed 30+ something who gave the impression that her home was something that could be photographed in Country Living. Line #3 was the Sweet Old 'Blue Hair' - You know the one who prices things at sales the same way she did in the 1930's when she was retailing them at Woolworths 5¢ & 10¢ - only half that price, 'cause WHO would want that old junk??

(California Pottery TEA $1.00)

OK... So, not to 'stereo-type', but who would you have chosen?? #1,#2, or #3?

Well, I didn't have a choice.
"I can help whoever is next down here"

You guessed it. The fate of the three boxes of vintage ornaments was in the hands of Ms. Checkout #2! Oh, she was VERY NICE - I'm being way too nasty and hard on her. She added everything else up and then basically said it was out of her hands to do any pricing. ((????))
She then proceeded to call over her 'Dad'. After he finished helping a lady carry her box of goodies up to the checkout he came over and '#2' asked him what the price of the ornaments was.....(Hmmm... A 60++ Guy without a care - now THAT is who I Want pricing the ornaments!!)....



Shara said...

Wow what a week you have had. No wonder you never responded to my whiney "Poor me, poor me" email. You were having your own crisis!!!! Hope everyone is on the mend now and you can eat something solid soon (this won't help with the weight loss, now will it?)

WooHoo a BUCK! I love college kids - "Uh, a dime?" and the Oldies give good prices too.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You poor thing...what a week. Still a great thrifting story must make you feel better. It made me smile!!

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

Oh, I can feel the tension as you wait for the price! (And who wants to argue at a church rummage sale?) Glad that it all worked out well and that you and yours are on the mend.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I would have gone with Dad too. They never know the price of anything and just want it gone. Good job. And sorry for such an awful week. Hope this week is great.

Jabacue said...

What better way to end your week from hell! Good deal indeed! that must have felt so good.
I was at a very similar sale on Saturday morning. I got 2 Glasbake/Sunbeam yellow bowl, 2 Calif. pottery dishes, a glass tumbler and a Bavarian demi tasse cup and saucer.....all in excellent condition for $3.00! And the cashier asked if that was too much!

grunge-queen said...

Sorry to hear it's been a tough week; hope the family is doing better.

Love the retro holiday ornaments in boxes - shades of my childhood!

Vintage Christine said...

Oh gosh, and I was just about to make a dental appointment due to my own "worst case scenario" going on in my mouth. I hope by now you're feeling better and chomping down on something crunchy and yummy!