Saturday, June 20, 2009

...rainy indulgence

I tried to hit some sales early this morning , during a break in the rain, ... but in no time, it started again.
By the time I got home, the rain had lightened, so I went out to dig an area for the new YELLOW Lilac that I purchased this week at a sale... but again, it started to rain harder.

I have resigned myself to a lazy afternoon on the porch ... completely indulgent! Curled up with a stack of magazines, enjoying the sounds of the rain, and the sites of these sweet pink roses I cut yesterday during a break in this never ending rain.
As I look around, I currently have FIVE vase of flowers arranged around the house - talk about indulgent!!


Unknown said...

Lilacs come in yellow too? I bet they're gorgeous!

Shara said...

I say you can never have enough flowers! I cannot wait for my wildflowers to start blooming.

elena-lu said...

such beautiful photos of these lovley flowers! love the white and pink

heidi said...


T.F. Torrey said...

Beautiful pictures, and awesome afternoon!