Monday, June 8, 2009

...the quest for the 'rectal thermometer'

OH, what a weekend this has been! None of the usual 'stuff', so to speak, to show-n-tell; but there is PLENTY of the experience-type 'stuff' to share!! (I recently read an amazing article, which compared and contrasted how people choose to spend there resources - Acquiring stuff vs. Experiencing... - interesting read! ...and if I can ever figure out where I read it I will include a link!!). I did find a nice SHAWNEE vase on Thursday, but while hastily cleaning it in prep for weekend visitors, it was broken beyond repair. I also finished 'shelling' the garden tree stump before company arrived - amazing what a motivating factor a deadline can be!! I amazed myself by having the house cleaned, vases filled and food prepped by Friday evening - a FULL 24 hours before the arrivial of our long anticipated guests!

This left me with Saturday free to participate in the Town festivities - our first annual Founders Day (In celebration of Statesman Seward's purchase of Alaska - and their 50th anniversary of statehood). There was to be a 'High Profile' guest in for the event, parade to be viewed, speaches to be tolerated and a 'block party' to be had! Now, mind you, our sleepy town rarely draws attention or any real interest. This 'guest' however, drew out a 'Passion' in the locals that was pretty impressive. There was both positive and negative energies flying - but just the fact that there were 'sparks' flying was an occurance not to be missed!

Before I get into the escapades that Mrs. M, baby Z and I had during their all too short visit, I must give humble praise to all of you selfless, ever awake & puked on Moms out there! I definitely DO NOT posess the Parental 'gene' or the desire to ever acquire it! I ADORE our sweet nieces and nephew, as well as all of our friends small ones - but that is DEFINITELY where I draw the line!!

Upon arrival (my first meeting with Z), he was 'out of sorts'. Poor baby was hot and just Not Happy. Temperature? Well, contrary to popular belief, those of us without 'chilluns do not regularly take temperatures! We know if we aren't feeling well, and if it gets bad enough, we go to a Dr., who's job it is to take our temperature. I soon learned, that in the land of the Wee-Ones, a 'rectal thermometer' is a necesssity. Off we went... in search of... The local drugstore was close enough, so we walked. WARNING: Be careful who you allow to drive the stroller!! Yes, Z and I over the course of the weekend did a little 'off roading', wiped out a couple of small store displays and struck terror into the hearts of many... but it was all good! Well, the fever was 'up' and 'down' over the weekend - kind of like Z's 'sweet potatoes'...

(Insert missed photo op: Mrs. M as the poster child for Birth Control - complete with 'second time around sweet potatoes' COVERING the front of her!!)

The visit was brief - cut short by the necessity to get Baby Z home and feeling better, but the short time we had with them was Wonderful!! We were even able to fit in a little shopping adventure, and a BBQ - topped off with homegrown strawberries and Angel Food Cake (while Z was eating his Sweet potatoes!!).

Come see us again soon!


Shara said...

I have the Mama Gene, but I NEVER did a Rectal temperature. Eew. Gotta love those in the ear thermometers.

Sounds like you had a swell weekend!

You betcha! ;o)

Curiosity got the best of me and I HAD to Google.

barbara said...

Speeches to be tolerated - what a nice way to put it! Reading about it was enough for me. Quite a weekend, though!