Thursday, June 11, 2009 that glaze


A local animal shelter is having their yearly fundraising sale, so I HAD to stop by on my way to work this morning. I found this little piece, in a glaze that I've never seen before... no chips... and look at that sweet little tag will ya!! (Now I can't wait to get home and research it!)


Shara said...

Now, that is awesome! I have a few in that shape, but I've never seen that glaze either. Fab-O!

leanne said...

Hey Sue,
Pretty piece!
I would bet that there are three or four different glazes on that piece all running together....and super fun they are. Maybe you can suggest that they call this type of glazing the "Happy Dance Glaze"?

Are the crows there in the summer?
We are going to be in NY from the 13th to the 25th.....maybe we could swing by....

I need you addy again to send off your meme...