Sunday, June 14, 2009

...the Fish is fed, the Dog has been walked

Another WONDERFUL 'Journey Stuff' filled weekend (which equals a 'Quantitative Stuff' empty post!)
Two of our dear nieces took time out of their Busy schedules to come visit their 'old aunt'! The youngest (#3) from the East end of the state (arrived Fri. morning w/ her sweetie 'Maggie' for a weekend visit) and the eldest (#1) from the West arrived Sat. morning for a day visit. Destination: POST SECRET exhibit at the Everson Museum - WARNING: For those of you not familiar with PS, it IS addictive!! It was a day filled with NON-STOP talk, as the cousins caught up with each other, and plans for #1's upcoming August wedding were discussed.
Can you see that line?!!?
On Friday, #3 and I decided to go to the annual MacKenzie-Childs barn sale.... NOT! Though it opened at 8am, when we arrived at 2pm there was still a 2 1/2 hr. waiting line to get in and another 1 1/2hr. line to check-out. We chose to stroll the grounds and appreciate the gardens instead!!

Right now, the house is quiet... Poor DH has been on overload, being in the presence of THREE 'Smith Girls'!! So he is out golfing, #3 is still asleep, Maggie is dozing at my feet after our early walk, the sun is shining, and our roses are luscious in the morning light. My gardens aren't quite MacKenzie-Childs caliper, but I love 'em!!

**SIDE NOTE: I did find the glaze on that piece of Haeger from my previous post!! In Ed Blas' book it states that Haeger produced this line 1971-72 and it is called 'BLUE DECORATED' - snappy name, huh?!**


girlgonethreadwild said...

oh what a FUN blog you have! Thanks for dropping in mine so I could find YOU!

*giving pooch a nice scretch on the head there*

Will def check out the site you mention, have an awsum day!

Shara said...

That line is crazy! SOunds like you have a fun weekend. Enjoy your girls. You sound like a fabulous Aunt!

heidi said...

Hey Girl! What's the story of that broken down dock shack on the left hand column??!!! I'm fascinated....

svelteSTUFF said...

The BROKEN DOWN DOCK SHACK is 'Real Estate' that fascinated us during our visit to Cedar Key, FL (4-30-09 post ) I want it, DH has his doubts.