Thursday, December 4, 2008

...meeting of the minds

There have long been studies on the the distinct sides/hemispheres of the brain...

Left Brain vs. Right Brain.

In short, each is responsible for different things. The Right Brain controls the left side of the body - the artistic/creative; and the Left Brain controls the right side - the logical/balanced.
In our home, I am definitely the RB (right brainer - Interior Designer) and DH is the LB (structural engineer). They say that 'Opposites Attract'... and in this case, they most certainly did! It is all good though, we temper each other out!
Such goes the way of our Holiday Decorating...It started on Black Friday, with me just putting up a couple of garlands around the doorways/window. These garlands get my hoards of vintage ornaments (NOT plain solid-color balls! They must have indents, special shapes or multi-colors!)

"It's not even"... "It isn't supposed to be"... "There's more on this side than the other side" ... "That's okay" ... "Let me call up last years photos on the computer, so we can see how you did it then" ... "It isn't supposed to be exactly the same"

Can you guess which of us was making which comments?!!

Remember these 'star' ornaments that I found back in MARCH? They have found a 'home' at last...

Saturday, 11-29 proved to be a decent day for decorating the exterior - DH's domain - outlining the garage! This photo is from last year, but it's okay because it basically looks the same this year with just a few improvement modifications (the line of lights under the window are not there this year, and bigger wreath!) ... I have to admit it DOES look cool!

Sunday, 11-30 the real fun rolled in when we went to pick out a tree. We don't have a whole lot of floor space, so the tree needs to be skinny ~ but we like a TALL tree... A few years ago we found the perfect solution - 6' skinny tree, put on a 12" platform of vintage wooden ammo boxes (covered by the tree skirt). Gives room under the lower branches for LOTS of goodies ~and~ gives it height! As we were decorating the tree together, DH asked 'Where are the real ornaments?' (ie: solid-colored glass balls)... and I had to explain to him (as I do every year...) "The live tree is for 'sentimental' ornaments" ...ornaments from our childhood trees, handmade 'tackies' from Aunties, wedding gifts, special memory Hallmarks... Not the most glamorous of trees, but My favorite!!

I have no saling finds to report, just happy to be 'playing with my Holiday toys'! The 'decorative' 'theme trees' will be put into place (and photographed)... SOON!!!


Sarah and Jack said...

It's funny b.c I only put our "sentimental" ornies on our live tree also. :-)

Shara said...

You and I are sooo much alike. Sentimental items on the big tree. Vintage ornies on a different tree. I put my tree on a box so it looks taller through the window. Sneaky.......

Monica said...

I never thought to put the old ornemants all around like that, everything looks great!