Tuesday, December 23, 2008

...Dear Santa,

NOTHING LIKE deadlines to keep ya moving!!

Finished Plarn Bags #7 & #8 last night! Two identical, simple 'MAN-bags' in Purple-White & Carhart tan. To be delivered tomorrow as joke gifts for the 2 guys I work with. They have been unmerciful with their harassment of " 'Sr. Citizen' crafting with plastic bags" and "Bag Lady" comments!!
They will be filled with lottery tickets and their beloved Mallow Cups (which I finally located and ordered on the internet!!). Here is another picture to give you a better idea of the 'styling'!

Anyone who 'knows' me, 'knows' my attachment to socks... Particularly HOLIDAY socks!! I have enough pairs for most Holidays to celebrate the ENTIRE month preceeding. I am LOVING this package that I found waiting for me on my desk yesterday morning!! CLASSICS, (with high ankles - don't 'do' the 'ped' thing!!). With them having the same background colors, I can mix-n-match too! Today I am sporting my all-time favorite pair... one 'Dear Santa' and one Re-Gift!!


Shara said...

Love the socks. I can hook you up with Mallo Cups anytime you want - they have them pretty much everywhere here. Just give me a little notice and I'll send you some.

Anonymous said...

Do you want your sock addiction to increase? Then learn to knit socks! Not only will you love your new socks; you'll also get an addiction to sock yarn!