Sunday, December 28, 2008

... may your spirit be LIGHT

Just like 'that', another Christmas is gone! I think we allow ourselves to get so wrapped up in the preparations and planning, as that is what allows us to enjoy a Holiday (or vacation, or wedding, or any special event) just a little bit longer! "Life is a journey..."

... and with the 'destination' of Christmas reached, it is now time to start embarking on the next journey!

Hmmm... where will 2009 take us? Are you jumping into it with an aggressive resolution? I try to avoid this, but somehow the desire for yet another 'destination' wins out in the form of a resolution every year! After all, how can there be a journey without a destination??

As the temperatures in Upstate NY 'soared' into the 60's this past weekend, I was inspired. Right now, our house is maxed out with X-mas (NOT to be dismantled until after New Years!). My 'daily' beloved treasures are stashed here and there to make room for the Holiday decor. I'm in need of a 'lighter spirit'. Feeling something of a need to purge. To regain control. To tighten up. To air out the cluttered spaces of our home. With this comes my New Years resolution. I have made a specific list of closets/drawers/cabinets/areas in need of a thorough sorting/purging/cleaning/organizing. My intention is to 'do' one of these a month. Sounds 'do-able', and broken down in this manner, not TOO overwhelming.

I'm well aware of the 'lightness of spirit' that can be gained through a deep purge, and I'm ready! Don't get me wrong, I am NOT a minimalist at heart!! I love my 'stuff'... for the most part it does not drain me... It has not put me into debt . It does not restrict our having people into our house (my 'stuff' is not so precious that I stress out when little hands touch it, nor do I hide it before parties for fear of breakage!). It does not interefere with other activities (it is neat and well displayed, but I do not stay home to clean!!). I am not paying for a storage facility just to house it! It is all organized and easily accessible (Yes, I can lay my hands on any given 'stray bit' within minutes). I thrive on my 'stuff'... but occasionally we all need the 'rush' of lightening our load - a bit!

What is your 'destination' for the New Year?? What is your desired 'rush' for 2009?

With an optimistic anticipation, I wish a HAPPY 2009 for everyone!


Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I got conked in the head by stuff falling from my closet yesterday so yes; purge is in order. Other than that, no aggressive resolutions. 'Cause I know I'll never keep them. :-)

painter girl said...

My resolution is to finally get around to decorating this house of ours. It needs some attention! And to come up to your area and see the crows!
Happy New Years!!!!

milly (elephants&redwoods) said...

that first picture is very cool