Monday, July 14, 2008

...the power of motivation

Nothing quite gets the house in 'tip top' shape like the knowledge of company coming!! My old roommate and I used to joke that we needed to have company come because the house needed cleaning!
Saturday night we were meeting up with DH's siblings and their other halves to go out to dinner... ...cocktails & appetizers at OUR HOUSE!! So, saling was cut to a bare minimum (though there were MANY!!) in lieu of being productive!
There were flowers to be cut and bouquets to be made... Herbs to be harvested for the Boursin Spread... Berries to pick... Cheese & Cracker plate to create... quick trip by the grocery store for paper towels & kleenex... Floors to be vacuumed... Porch to be swept... Stop to the liquor store...
Blender drinks to be whipped up (MMM... frozen margaritas with fresh raspberries!!)...

and in the end, we had a crisp & clean house and a Wonderful evening!!

I guess it was worth the sacrifice of one morning of junking!!

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