Friday, July 11, 2008

...the many scents of saling

Friday promised to be a rainy day, so when I woke up and found that it was still dry I wanted to get in as much saling as I could! Only one was starting at 8am. Though it was in a less than desirable local, it WAS on the way to a couple that started at 9am, so I thought I would give it a shot. Not HORRIBLE, but mostly outdated electronics and Home Interiors discards. I did find stacks of unopened packages of 20 count purple and yellow dinner napkins for .25¢ each. I grabbed four of each. The yellow for my niece who is hosting a baby shower in the near future, and I liked the purple. Upon 'unload' at home, I discovered they REAKED of stale smoke - something I hadn't noticed out in the fresh air of the yard sale! I don't have any issues with smoking... ~I won't even go off on a tangent about that now~, BUT these were to the point that I wouldn't even bring them in the house 'as-is'. I'm really hoping that when I open the packages, the contents won't be offensive, but I have my doubts.

Aren't they pretty colors though?!

The next sale on the agenda was that of a 'moving, shop-aholic' (per the ad). It definitely didn't meet up to expectations! I did pick up a bagful of trendy hair accessories - all NEW with Tags (so don't get too grossed out!). The house was gorgeous, and everything was VERY CLEAN and upscale... so I don't think that I will have 'napkin issues' with these!

A few other uneventful stops that only yielded a couple of treats for my senses... New Sealed containers of body creme - and Yes., one of them is Avon (Mandarin & Jasmine)! The other is Pineapple, which I just tried out and it is luscious!! I am definitely a Fruity and Spicy type of person (Ginger! Amber! Coconut! - YUM). Although I love the smell of flowers in the garden, floral scents 'on' ME just don't cut it! 'Rose' ...'Lilac'... 'Lily of the Valley'... all just bring to mind 'Little old Lady' - guess it is from a childhood of WAY TO MANY Sunday mornings, sitting inside of a stuffy country church with all of the 'Blue Hairs'!! I hope I haven't offended the 'floral people' out there!! Scent is definitely a personal thing!

Then on to see the 'brand newShiek, who is shabby and vane' . I just discovered that Barbara at Oodles and Oodles lives just one town away from me. In her post yesterday she put up an ad that had been in our paper this week (stop over to her site and check it out!). I wasn't going to go to this sale, as it was a few miles out of my scheduled route, but I couldn't resist. I must have been too late to meet The Shiek, but I found a couple of things to make the trip worth while.

  • CUTE heavy duty small stool/chair ($1) - I'm thinking a plant on it...
  • 2 boxes of unused 'card' envelopes - tan (350 ct.) & magenta (200 ct) .25¢ ea. - perfect for computer generated correspondence!
  • Retro Olive green metal tray (.50¢) - the color said 'take me home!'
  • Hawaii pottery shot glass (.25¢)

...and now it is raining... I guess that is a hint to get some items listed, and get all of 'the goods' put away. No excuse of going out to work in the gardens!!


Shara said...

Peeeeee-U. Hope the napkins are okay. I always buy fancy NIP napkins for 25¢ or so. Someays it's Hlloween at our house, but who cares!

Shabby Shiek - I can't believe you not only saw that on Oodles, but went to the sale. What a freakishly small world!

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

I didn't go out Friday morning but it looks like you found good stuff. And although we're looking at the same ads, I don't think we're buying the same stuff - yay! more for both of us!

Yard Sale Princess said...

So, you like Avon? I just wanted to let you know that I am back to blogging!
I hate stinky smoker smell! I can usually smell it from the curb!