Thursday, July 3, 2008


We returned from vacation to find...

Our cactus in full blossom!! YES, believe it or not, there is a species of cactus that survives and thrives OUTDOORS in Upstate New York! I stumbled upon it one day while garage saling at a cottage on the shores of Lake Ontario. They had a HUGE garden of it. I started talking to the gentleman about it - asked him if he had to replant it outside every Spring - he said No. That it is a perennial, goes to moosh every winter and comes back to life in the Spring. I had serious doubts. He gave me a couple of pieces of it, and sure enough!! Definitely one of my prized 'saling' aquisitions!

Our gardens survived superbly in our absence, and provided us with some quick edibles - Greatly appreciated, since the fridge was bare!!
Yummy salad of Raspberries, lettuce, spinach and cilantro!

While on vacation I found myself daydreaming of...
-Life in a cosmopolitan, yet quaint historic downtown - Everything within walking distance. Compact housing. Hopping night life. Corner Cafe-Bistro....
-A camp in the mountains - true 'Tree Hugger' living with the basics...

I reminded myself of a younger me... growing up in a TINY rural town (closest McD's or Grocer Store = 20 minutes away) of about 3,000 people. We didn't have a farm, but ALL of my summer jobs were: 'Doing Hay', setting cabbage plants, picking corn, etc... . Farming was/is the only economy of the town. I graduated with a comparatively large class of 76 people from the same school that my Mom and Dad attended. Love(d) the town and the bond, but dreamed of endless possibilities. You must understand that small towns aren't generally a haven for creatively thinking outside of the box.

Now here I am. Back from vacation to the Home that we have made for ourselves - safe and sound and Very Happy right HERE... with our gardens, and our 'stuff'. A song keeps running through my head, which pretty much sums up this 'reflection'... In the words of an '80's Hair Band' (bonus points if you can Name That Group!!)-
"It ain’t the life you choose, it’s the life you live."
All the best layed out plans, can turn on a dime - so make what you want out of what you've got and where you are NOW!
~Sorry~ no 'stuff' to post about right now... SOON!!

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