Friday, July 25, 2008!

Round #2 from the 'clearing house' was wrapped up today! My youngest niece is going away to college (RI !!) for her freshman year. Before my freshman year of college, my Aunt and my Grandmother gave me a box of small, silly gifts to take to school with me... one to open each day for about 2 weeks. Sounds silly - yes. There were packs of gum, a coffee mug, hand lotion, a box of raisins, etc., etc... - just dumb little 'tokens', but the handwritten note that was attached to each was just what this overwhelmed, homesick freshman needed! Hopefully my niece will have some fun with her goody lot!! Tomorrow, bright and early we are embarking on the 2 3/4 hour drive to Albany, NY for her graduation party - maybe we'll hit a sale or two on the way?!!

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Shara said...

What a sweet Aunt you are!

My Grandmother sent me a box when I got my college apartment. She sent me a hammer, a screwdriver, a spatula, wooden spoons, an oven mitt, etc. The type of things you don't realize you should have bought until you need them. She also randomly attached $$ to some things - $5 in the oven mitt, $10 wrapped around the hammer handle, etc.